Tate gallery, London, England – pictures

Tate gallery, London, England – pictures

Tate gallery, London, England - pictures - 1

  • Country: England
  • City: London
  • Address: Millbank, London SW1P 4RG

It was originally called the Gallery of British art. This British Museum at the time, was founded by the famous collector and sugar magnate, Henry Tate. Today here are concentrated the largest collection of artists of Albion. Many years among its exhibits are works of the pre-Raphaelite movement.

   The Tate gallery opened in 1897. Among its founders was the personal collection of the founder, which, in turn, started with three paintings.

Tate gallery, London, England - pictures - 2
The main gallery building were supplemented in 1926 by extension, where was opened the exhibition of foreign art. Here was represented mainly by French artists-Impressionists and representatives of painting of a later period. In the late 80-ies of the last century opened the Clore gallery, which represents the largest collection of works by Turner, which he bequeathed to the state. Soon the branch of the Gallery opened in Liverpool.
Many museums in England, and any other country can only dream about, available here the treasures of art.

Tate gallery, London, England - pictures - 3
Considering these priceless works, like in a fairy tale. England invented rationalistic Victorians, the magical world of Wonderland, a special world of young artists, among them Holman hunt, Gabriel Rossetti, John Millais… Here and the Renaissance, and legends of the middle ages, and knights ‘ sagas, songs and novels. Every detail hides a mysterious eternity, the true greatness of the universe.
The Tate gallery in London to a look all the best from the era of romanticism (“the times of Queen Victoria”, including “Annunciation” Rosetti, “Ophelia” of Jons Milles, “Claudio and Isabella”). To convey the feelings that arise when viewing this greatness is almost impossible. It is best to experience it yourself.