The Accademia Gallery – Venice. Description and address of the gallery

The Accademia Gallery – Venice. Description and address of the gallery

  • Country: Italy
  • City: Venice
  • Address: Campo della Carita, 1050

Many museums in Italy are famous not only stored in their works of art, but also because the buildings themselves museums often represent the amazing monuments of history and culture of bygone eras. One of these cases – the Venice gallery of the Academy, or as it is called, the Museum of the Academy.

   Academy of fine Arts was founded in Venice in the late eighteenth century. For several decades the picturesque building of a former Church located in the gardens of San Marco, became a place of teaching young people the arts of architecture, painting and sculpture. Soon, however, her bright halls were given over to the Museum, while the art school by the decree of Napoleon was moved to its current building. Since then, the Museum has steadily expanded, and today the Accademia Gallery in Venice is justifiably proud of the meeting which would be the envy of the leading art museums of Florence, Rome and Milan.

Among those represented in the Museum of the Academy of paintings includes works by Titian, Canaletto, Giorgione, Veneziano, Bellini and many other famous masters of the XIII-XVIII centuries. Initially, the collection is surprisingly fast thanks to the donations of philanthropists, took a total of five halls and looked pretty decent, but in XIX-XX centuries the Museum has undergone several renovations and today he has 24 exhibition halls. The placement of the paintings on the walls of the Gallery there is virtually no strict system (chronological or thematic) that can confuse the visitor, but at the same time makes the Museum a kind of charm and poetic atmosphere.

Since access to the Museum is limited, you can get to it pretty easy – before entering almost always there are impressive turns. However, a unique art Gallery collection is worth any waiting, as Venice is, including its rich artistic history, the old city, seen through the eyes of great painters, who lived and worked in it.