“The Adolescence of Madonna”, Francisco de Surbaran – overview of the painting

“The Adolescence of Madonna”, Francisco de Surbaran- overview of the painting
"The Adolescence of Madonna", Francisco de Surbaran - overview of the painting - 1

    • Posted by Francisco de Surbaran
    • Museum: Hermitage
    • Year: Between 1658-1660

Overview of the painting :

The Adolescence of Madonna is Francisco de Surbaran. Between 1658-1660. Oil on canvas. 73.5×53.5

Francisco de Surbaran (1598-1664) belongs to the galaxy of Spanish artists of the 17th century. His work, despite religious issues, is very realistic. In the images of saints and monks, he conveyed real human experiences and feelings that he noticed in the cathedrals of his native Seville.

In the “Laboration of the Madonna”, the image of the little Mother of God attracts with its extraordinary purity and innocence. Before us is a Spanish girl with cute facial features, but in the image of Maria, the artist conveyed something that distinguishes her from a simple child. The touching meekness with which she fixed her eyes to the sky, and a face illuminated from above by light, speak of her chosenness and humility to future trials. The figure of Maria in a bright red dress with a green cloak stands out against a dark background, as if the ray of divine light pointed to it, chose among other girls. The plot, also known as “Jueness of Mary”, was taken by the artist not from the Gospel, but was borrowed from apocryphal tales of Madonna’s life.