The Astrid Lindgren Museum (Junibacken), Stockholm, Sweden

The Astrid Lindgren Museum (Junibacken), Stockholm, Sweden

The Astrid Lindgren Museum (Junibacken), Stockholm, Sweden - 1

  • Country: Sweden
  • City: Stockholm
  • Address: Galarvarvsvagen 8

One of the most famous museums of Stockholm’s Junibacken. The heroes of the books of the great Astrid Lindgren, their homes, bedrooms, kitchens, places for games – here you will find everything.

Visitors are greeted by a area of tales where their houses live the Moomin trolls, the old Pettson and Findus the cat.

The Astrid Lindgren Museum (Junibacken), Stockholm, Sweden - 2
Further in the story you can go on a small train (however, you can walk, but the train is more interesting to the children, besides the trip is accompanied by commentary audio guide who speaks many languages).

The trip includes visits to the house of Karlsson, Emil farm, Paradise country, where brave knights fighting dragons. Fairy tales come to life before the eyes of visitors and relentlessly following the path to the end of the visit.

The Astrid Lindgren Museum (Junibacken), Stockholm, Sweden - 3
After the trip – a favorite pastime of young visitors – the visit to the Villa “Chicken” in the house of Pippi Longstocking. Here it is freedom so freedom! Riding a roller coaster and pony peppy, fitting the most unimaginable outfits, pranks in the kitchen, lots of games and entertainment.

Children’s Playground of institutions – large and unusual. It is difficult to take children away from the pirate ship with full equipment, and numerous slides.

The Astrid Lindgren Museum (Junibacken), Stockholm, Sweden - 4
The Museum restaurant is a special place. Here the tale does not end, but continues: unusual menus and presentation of dishes, service for warming up baby food (among Museum visitors the number of young children), a wonderful view of the old town and the Bay. In the evening, after the Museum closes, there are banquets and parties for adults who yearned for his childhood.

The Astrid Lindgren Museum (Junibacken), Stockholm, Sweden - 5
As the real Museum, the Museum offers its visitors a delightful exhibition of drawings for fairy tales and the stories of Lindgren. Regularly held various temporary exhibitions.

Not long ago, the Museum has expanded – there was an exhibition “Junkyard scrap”, dedicated to the works of Jan Lef, a well-known writer and musician.

The Astrid Lindgren Museum (Junibacken), Stockholm, Sweden - 6
Junibacken is a huge children’s scene, placed at the disposal of young talents, where you constantly are a variety of views.

In addition, every day there are workshops that “skillful hands”, the classes on makeup lessons for artists.

Even the youngest visitors (up to two years) can take part in an unusual event – two times a week, half an hour before the Museum’s opening for them is fairy special “charging”.

In the shop of the Museum have the opportunity to purchase books many children’s authors in a beautiful edition.

The entrance ticket will cost 145 CZK (children 125 CZK). Visitors to two years – free of charge.

The Museum is closed on Mondays and at Christmas. The rest of the time it is open for a visit that will be unforgettable!