The Belvedere gallery in Vienna: photo, address

The Belvedere gallery in Vienna: photo, address

The Belvedere gallery in Vienna: photo, address - 1

  • Country: Austria
  • City: Vienna
  • Address: Prinz Eugen-StraBe 27

The Belvedere Palace is one of the most elegant ancient Palace buildings in Vienna. To build such a beauty in the eighteenth century decided Prince Eugene of Savoy. “Little Versailles” in the Austrian capital was built in 1725. The Palace complex consists of Upper Belvedere and Lower Belvedere, situated in the middle of the gardens, which are divided in the French style.

A great leader, and the aesthete Eugene of Savoy

Eugene of Savoy was in the Austrian capital at the age of nineteen. He was born in an aristocratic family, but popular among the Viennese aristocracy never used.

The Belvedere gallery in Vienna: photo, address - 2
Recognition of his services to be much later, once he wins one battle and will be one of the richest men of his time. For the victory over the Ottoman army, he will be dedicated to noble knights.

At the end of the XVII century, it serves three emperors of Habsburg, and after a short period of time received the rank of field Marshal and become a very wealthy man.

Then he builds a magnificent Palace in the Austrian capital by the famous architect of that time, Lucas von Hildebrand. Nowadays this building is the Ministry of Finance. This building is a wonderful architectural forms is called the Winter Palace. Summer Palace Belvedere was built a little later.

The Magnificence Of The Lower Belvedere

In the early XVIII century Eugene of Savoy acquires a plot of land located outside the city (in our time there is the fourth district of the Austrian capital) and begins to build there the Lower Belvedere, which, according to tradition, is built on the architectural designs of Lucas von Hildebrand.

All rooms in the castle, such as the Marble gallery, a Grand bedroom, Marble hall and the Mirror Cabinet, created with all the wishes of Eugene of Savoy. Paintings adorned the moments of the battles and victories with the participation of the Prince, had defeated the Turks, and were sculptures of ancient heroes of expensive marble stone.

Today the Lower Belvedere is a Museum in the Baroque style. There is a beautiful fountain Donner (the popular name of the fountain of Providentia) and many other wonderful exhibits. In this Palace often hosts various exhibitions.

The Belvedere gallery in Vienna: photo, address - 3
Between the Upper and Lower Belvedere which is a wonderful French Park which is decorated with different fountains, antique statues and sphinxes.

Art treasures of the Upper Belvedere

The construction of the Upper Belvedere was started in 1721. And the word “Belvedere” began to be used after the death of Eugene of Savoy.

In contrast Lower Belvedere, which hosted and served as a shelter for the Prince and his family in the summer, the Upper Palace was designed to hold balls, rich receptions and business meetings.

Today, in the Upper Belvedere features an art gallery and Museum. The most valuable exhibits of the Palace Museum are a rich collection of paintings Gustav Klimt paintings of Oskar Kokoschka and Egon Schiele, the works of the Impressionists, and works in the Biedermeier style.