The BMW Museum in Munich. Address, and photos of the BMW-Museum

The BMW Museum in Munich. Address, and photos of the BMW-Museum

  • Country: Germany
  • City: Munich
  • Address: Am Olympiapark 2

We present you the BMW Museum located in Munich. Any driver, professional or Amateur, will be interested to look into it’s original place. Works Museum from 21 June 2008.

The Museum building is very original. It looks like a silver bowl with a bird’s eye, and perfectly visible from above the BMW logo. The building, which houses the exhibits is called “four cylinders“. The Museum has undergone many renovations. Last performed by the architect Karl Schwanzer.

The Museum tour is organized on the highest level. To enter the Museum for free, stroll down the hall, which exhibits some of the exhibits. Brochures describing the Museum’s masterpieces can also be rented for free. To see the rest of the exposure need to buy a ticket. After that, each visitor is given a camera, through which by touching a special place near the exhibit, you can hear a comprehensive answer in three different languages about this exhibit.

   Inside the Museum is very beautifuland walking tour you can’t miss it. Near each model there are stands which are on the sides of the building, and in the center of the huge opening to the floor.

   In the BMW-Museum in Munich you can find a huge number of posters. One of such placards is dedicated to the rally through Russia, in which BMW motorcycles were considered the best.

In the Museum you can see not only the latest model BMW, but the old machines of the 20th century, as well as various engines, motorcycles and even bicycles. The great interest of visitors is the BMW in the context of the controls and monitor. With just this, you can see any part of the machine.