The Charles Dickens Museum in London

The Charles Dickens Museum in London

The Charles Dickens Museum in London - 1

  • Country: England
  • City: London
  • Address: 48 Doughty St

More recently, this seemingly ordinary old house on Doughty Street, was little known. In 1923 it was decided to carry, however, as it turned out, it was the only remaining houses in London, where once lived the great English writer Charles Dickens.

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Existed at that time for over 20 years to the Society of Dickens managed to buy this building and was organized by the Museum of Charles Dickens. About it for a long time was known only to specialists, the students of the literary faculties. However, the interest in creativity of the writer recently has started to grow strongly, and on the eve of its 200th anniversary in the renovation and restoration of the Museum were invested very large sums. Renewed and restored, the Museum opened just a month after the start of the works – December 10, 2012

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The restorers tried to recreate the authentic atmosphere of Dickensian home. Here the whole atmosphere and many things – real and once belonged to the writer. According to Museum staff, specialists did everything that the visitor felt that the writer just went out briefly and will be back soon. In this house Dickens lived with his wife Catherine, less than three years from 1837 to 1839 years, but at this time had completed one of his best novels “Posthumous notes of the Pickwick club”, and also appeared the famous “the adventures of Oliver Twist.”

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   The Charles Dickens Museum have tried to recreate the typical English dwelling middle-class families of the 19th century, though Dickens was always afraid of poverty. Restored kitchen with all the attributes, a bedroom with a luxurious bed and a four poster bed, cosy living room, a dining room with the plates on the table. The only difference is that these plates, though in the Victorian style, but made portraits of Dickens. Upstairs is his Studio where he worked, his closet, his Desk and chair, a shaving kit, carefully preserved some manuscripts and first editions of his books. There are also paintings, portraits of the writer, personal belongings, letters.

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And it’s not just the house-Museum is a life of old England, the part of the history of her Victorian era. In the Museum, besides the house-Museum and reproduced images of life of old London, in the form in which it is seen Dickens, with its gas lamps and stagecoaches. Their layouts are also available in the Museum. In the novels of Dickens have already filmed one movie, and the Museum features decorations, models of costumes and furnishings used in the filming of these movies.

Amid resurgent interest in the work of the great English writer of the Museum staff, historians and restorers mostly managed to achieve their goals. From dusty and running the Museum, he turned into a real landmark of London.