The cinema Museum in London

The cinema Museum in London

The cinema Museum in London - 1

  • Country: England
  • City: London
  • Address: 45 Wellington Street (Covent garden) and SE1 7PB London (South Bank)

This Museum was created by the staff of the London film Institute David Francis and Leslie Hardcastle in 1988, however, due to the difficulties of funding it ceased its operation in 1999, even despite its popularity.

This caused strong dissatisfaction of the London public, and after 9 long years the Museum was revived in 2 branches – on the South Bank and in Covent garden, under a new name – the “London film Museum“.

The cinema Museum in London - 2

The branch in Covent garden

The branches are somewhat different on the subject of – in Covent garden are mainly represented by all technological aspects of the development of cinematography. Here and Chinese shadow theater, and skylight, and technologies for mechanical animation. According to the ancient, since 1890, photos, movie cameras and cinema projectors, it is possible to trace the entire history of the development of both British and world cinema, up-to-date computer technology. In addition, there are details of the first studios such as Shepperton, Pinewood and Elstree, and also talks about the history of their formation.

Branch on the South Bank

Branch on the South Bank dedicated to all things related to creativity in cinema. Here are the works of all the modern studios costumes of famous characters, scenery to popular movies. A separate exhibition dedicated to the mythical characters and cartoon heroes. For example, you can visit the Simpson family and even sit beside them on the couch.

The cinema Museum in London - 3

The cinema Museum in London - 4
The work of the great Charlie Chaplin in the Museum paid special attention. Here on display his whole biography, from poor childhood and the first role to the universal recognition and fame, all of his scripts, films, newspaper articles, lots of photos and, of course, the famous Chaplin’s famous bowler.

In General, a trip to the expositions of the Museum of cinema in London brings not only aesthetic pleasure, but also allows you to better understand the history of cinematography and the history of the formation of the entire modern Western culture.