“The Crown of Mary,” Fra Beato Angelico

“The Crown of Mary,” Fra Beato Angelico
"The Crown of Mary," Fra Beato Angelico - 1

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  • Museum: Uffizi Gallery
  • Year: 1434-1435

Overview of the painting :

The coronation of Maria is Fra Beato Angelico. 1434-1435. Wood, tempera. 112×114

   The painting of the artist of the Early Renaissance, the Dominican monk Fra Angelico (Fra Giovanni Da Fiesole), is imbued with a state of quiet joy. She also filled with multi-figure works by the master, such as “Chief of Mary”, performed for the church of St. Egidio in Florence.

   Christ lays a crown on the head of Our Lady, the Queen of Heaven, the angels blow into the trumpets, the saints reverently contemplate what is happening. The golden background, coming from the Byzantine tradition of depicting heaven, is combined here with embossed figures, and the spirit of the Middle Ages, still felt in this altar image, is combined with the complex composition inherent in Renaissance.

   In the compositions of the limit, that is, located at the bottom of the main image, the artist presented “The Betrothal of Maria” and “The Assumption of Mary”, now stored at the San Marco Museum in Florence.