The diamond Museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The diamond Museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  • Country: Holland
  • City: Amsterdam
  • Address: Paulus Potterstraat 8

Today we will talk about little-known but very intriguing Museum, which is located in Amsterdam next to the City Museum. Of course, this is the diamond Museum (sometimes called the diamond Museum), created the largest company of processing and selling of diamonds Coster Diamonds. It should be noted that the company exists since 1840, so a visit to the Museum should be interesting.

Amsterdam has long been considered a leading city for the processing of diamonds. Today it is rivaled only by new York and London.

Let’s move on to the Museum. First You will be shown a small video clip, which will highlight topics at the mining and processing of diamonds. And this is very true, after all, before you start to get acquainted with the Museum exposition, you need to have at least some minimal knowledge about diamonds. The film is shown in two languages: English and Dutch. If You are a Russian tourist and do not know a foreign language (and it certainly ), you can ask the Museum staff for the translation of the film. By the way, translation is available in 25 languages.

In addition to the beautiful, uniquely designed diamond, at the Museum You will find a variety of information about how to make the mining of diamond, how to handle it to get a beautiful stone. You will also learn why some stones are more expensive than others, and some are for sale. Not all the jewels in the Museum original. Mostly copies of famous stones, but they are made, need to pay tribute to the founders of the Museum, at a very high level. Each piece can be considered closer, to learn about the detailed information using multimedia tools.

The Museum is open every day 9 00 to 17 00. Tickets are cheap (4 to 6 Euro), students and seniors discounts. Children under 12 free admission. I’m sure You will be satisfied with the visit, especially the girls