The family of the prosecutor Luigi Pizani, Alessandro Longa

The family of the prosecutor Luigi Pizani, Alessandro Longa
The family of the prosecutor Luigi Pizani, Alessandro Longa - 1

  • Posted by Alessandro Longi
  • Museum: Private collection
  • Year: Around 1758

Overview of the painting :

The family of the prosecutor Luigi Pizani is Alessandro Longa. Around 1758. Oil on canvas. 255×340
   The portraits of the brush of Alessandro (1732-1813), the son of Pietro Longa, belong to different genres. Among them you can find completely objectivist, chamber submersible images of painters that he did for his book on Venetian masters (the series was called “The Collection of Portraits of Famous Venetian Artists”). He uses a more detailed compositional program with explanatory attributes in strict portraits, representing with the first group of people the time of Enlightenment (for example, playwright Carlo Goldoni, medic Pietro Pellegrini). All of them discover Long’s ability to accurately and intelligible psychological characteristics . Large ceremonial portraits also succeeded a talented and versatile gifted artist.

   A representative portrait of the prosecutor’s family, Luigi Pisani, combines the ideas of family virtue and office representativeness. Dozh Alvise Pizani is clearly proud of his offspring – the son-prosecutor, who occupied one of the most honorable posts in the official hierarchy of the republic, prolific to the worthy daughter-in-law Paolina Gambara, with four lovely offspring. On the right are two noblemen whose faces are marked with features of family resemblance. These are the sons of Alvise, the brothers of Luigi, Ermolao “At Giovanni Francesco and Ermolao” Francesco. From the festive family circle, with its strict black robe stands out, the abbot Giovanni Gregoretti, stretching out a pretzel to the child, as if a guest is a church slacker in the sacrament of communion. The already multi-figure portrait seems crowded by including allegorical figures symbolizing fertility, reasonable activity and marital fidelity.