The Ferrari Museum, Italy, Maranello – a description of the Museum

The Ferrari Museum, Italy, Maranello – a description of the Museum

  • Country: Italy
  • City: Maranello
  • Address: Via Dino Ferrari, 43

Ferrari famous all over the world, but not many know that in the small Italian town of Maranello is located the Ferrari Museum. In addition to the Museum in the city is the headquarters and FERRARI factory. As you know, life in the city of Panarello closely linked with the activities of the company. The company Ferrari is already more than eighty years, therefore, signs, posters and billboards in the city reminiscent of curious tourists that this place is the progenitor of the race.

A few words about who founded the firm of Ferrari. It was Enzo Anselmo Ferrari (1898-1988). He was a racing driver and team Alfa-Romeo”, and very successfully. Gradually, he organized a sports community called “Scuderia Ferrari” (literally translated as “Stable Ferrari”). Still later he organized a company which began to produce sports cars. They were so expensive that even wealthy people could not always afford to buy such a car.

After a short introductory tour of the firm, consider the Ferrari Museum in Italy, in front of which is emblazoned a red Ferrari California. Many people come to the Museum just to take a ride on this car. The price of such pleasure is 80 euros. In the car with you will sit an experienced instructor who will help you to understand the machine operation. If someone’s childhood was dream to drive a Ferrari, then you are easily able to implement it for a small fee, arrived in Italy.

The Museum is open to visitors every day. The cost of attending is only 13 euros. Fans of racing will not regret that came to the Museum, as there is a lot of interesting things. Various racing cars that participated in formula-1, engines, wheels, photographs, cups and trophies, and much more. All the exhibits of the Ferrari Museum you can see up close.

Along with modern race cars in the Museum are vintage cars Ferrari. The Museum staff especially do not change anything in the car, so here you can see the worn tires, and dirty salons in cars. All this creates the impression that the car last participated in the race, and haven’t had time to prepare.

Very touching fate of the building, which houses the Ferrari Museum. This is the house where he was born Enzo Ferrari. When he was young, the house was sold, and the money acquired Enzo racing car. Subsequently, he tried to buy his house, but the attempts were futile. And only after his death the house became a Museum, thanks to the firm’s employees and relatives.