The Gaudi Museum in Reus

The Gaudi Museum in Reus

The Gaudi Museum in Reus - 1

  • Country: Spain
  • City: Reus
  • Address: Plaza del Mercadal, 3

There is in the North-Eastern coast of Catalonia, called on the Spanish Costa Blanca, the small town of Reus. Antiquities are not rich – as the city it began to develop only in the XVIII century, however, popular with tourists Reus is not inferior to even the largest historical centers. And the cause for this popularity was not the picturesque ruins of ancient civilizations and the genius of a man born in this quiet town, and later became an internationally renowned architect. The man Antoni gaudí (1852-1926) – the man is a legend who created such architectural creations, which never was built, and builds, and left a lot of puzzles, which have hitherto arguing and trying to understand them.

In his honor here in Valencia, in 2007 was opened a unique interactive Museum – Centre of gaudí (Gaudí Centre Reus). Among the old buildings in the art Nouveau style, this four-story building in the shape of a cube of blue glass, near the shopping area in the center of town, catches the eye for its architecture. Inside the building is just saturated with modern equipment. So, on the 2nd floor, there is an interactive map of Barcelona on a glass floor, which shows all the buildings designed by Gaudi. It is enough to specify foot on any of them, as it will be shown the film on one of the wall screens, and audio guide in any language will give to him the sound.

The Gaudi Museum in Reus - 2
The tour starts upstairs, where the first shows the film about the world of Gaudi and the stages of his work. The following are the models of his architectural works, structural elements of the güell Palace, the Ceiling and the facade of La Pedrera, the architectural composition of the Park güell and many other buildings and their elements.

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There is also a very informative exhibition explaining the mechanics of creating those fancy forms that are so abundant in the works of Gaudi. To do this, here are the models of filament and wire shapes, creating curved shape due to the rotation or bending. This Museum is interesting even to children, as everything you can touch, twist, experiment. The exposition of the latest floor includes extensive historical and autobiographic data, photos, copies of manuscripts and projects, as well as a bust of genius made from his death mask…

The Gaudi Museum in Reus - 4
And at the end of the tour you can visit places associated with the life of Antoni Gaudi in Reus. There are no architectural creations of Gaudi, but there is the wonderful architecture of the city, which is constantly updated by the masterpieces created by students of the great Master.