The Heineken experience, Amsterdam

The Heineken experience, Amsterdam

The Heineken experience, Amsterdam - 1

  • Country: Holland
  • City: Amsterdam
  • Address: Stadhouderskade 78

About this place in Amsterdam someone says, how about the club-the Museum, someone as about this exciting attraction. In fact, this is not an ordinary Museum. This is the Heineken experience. Its history is inseparable from the history of this world famous brand esteemed beverage. And the appearance in 1988 of the Museum, whose exhibition now occupy more than 3,000 m2 and 4 floors in the building, which housed the brewery is a logical continuation of the history of the famous brand.

The Heineken experience, Amsterdam - 2
Initially, the Museum gained popularity somewhat unusual way – unlimited beer tasting, but those days are long gone. However, after reconstruction in 2008, despite limiting the number of beer when tasting, the Museum opened attraction for “right now I sing!” karaoke club where you can record your song with friends and then post it on the Internet, or to reset to e-mail. For obvious reasons the Museum is allowed only to those who are under the age of 18.

The Heineken experience, Amsterdam - 3
The history of the company began in 1864 when Gerard Adriaan Heineken opened his first Heineken brewery in Amsterdam Brouwerijen. Now this is the 4th company in the world for the production of beer, and her story, step by step presented on stands of the Museum present in the workshops of the old plant.

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The Heineken experience, Amsterdam - 5
It is alleged that beer recipe has not changed for over 150 years and anyone can verify this by going through the exhibits, telling about the process of making beer. Here you can taste all the ingredients of this drink and take part in every operation of production. You can even stay in the place of bottles and experience all the trouble that she experiences on the line, before filled with amber liquid. And after that, the fun interactive show you can try out a mug of cool beer and take a picture for the original drum kit from the beer keg.

The Heineken experience, Amsterdam - 6
Throughout the Museum hung a poster telling about the history of the company here you can rest on sunbeds space and watch Heineken commercials, many of which are winners of the Cannes lions for advertising is very unusual. In the brewhouse you can see firsthand the processes that take place in a huge old boilers, where they cooked hops and wort, and to even look at them. You can also join the Heineken brand and to order your personalised bottle of beer with their own label design.

And it ends with a fascinating journey into the world of beer tour on a water bus through the canals of Amsterdam to the Heineken brand store, where to top it all handed a souvenir in memory of this original Museum is a wonderful beer.