The Hofburg Palace, Vienna: photo, address, map

The Hofburg Palace, Vienna: photo, address, map

The Hofburg Palace, Vienna: photo, address, map - 1

  • Country: Austria
  • City: Vienna
  • Address: Michaelerkuppel, 1010

The Hofburg Palace in the Austrian capital became one of the most imposing and magnificent buildings in the entire history of the human race. Still it is used as one of the most important and exquisite of the official residences of the President of Austria.

Not so long ago here lived and led with the Emperor of Austria-Hungary. Later, the Palace was used as storage for valuable art collection that was formed over many centuries.

This complex of palaces in its current form did not appear immediately. Over its construction and later reconstruction, worked more than one generation of architects and builders of the Empire during the last eight centuries. The first Palace was built in the XIII century.

The Hofburg Palace, Vienna: photo, address, map - 2

Architectural confusion

The Cyrus is a holistic architectural project, and there is not even the symmetry of the individual elements. It is sometimes referred to Kremlin Palace in the Russian capital. All the buildings of the Palace complex are fundamentally different from each other.

Each new Emperor wanted to perpetuate his name, attaching to the old building with new elements in the form of wings or wings. All this raznosortitsa architectural styles and design solutions makes it impossible to perceive Vienna as a single and complete project. But for tourists it is a Paradise of visual time travel, as on the same space are a completely different historical tastes of those eras of the building.

The Hofburg Palace, Vienna: photo, address, map - 3
Here is the Palace Michaelertor, from the main entrance which Cyrus looks extremely pompous. A little further is Neuburg, hence the General, the Palace complex looks “heavy giant.” If you look from the side Burggarten, it appears monotonous, but does not lose its grandeur look. And if you approach Amalienborg and the building of the Reich Chancellery, the Cyrus seem a very modest and refined.

Personal preferences of the emperors

Great interest among the visitors enjoyed the private quarters of Franz Joseph and Bavarian Princess Elizabeth, the right of Michaelertor. Elizabeth arranged her chambers on the second floor of the building. If you turn left from the main entrance to Michaelertor, you will be in the Spanish school of riding. Walk past it and go under the big arch of Michaelertor, and then find yourself in the courtyard of the Palace complex Burghof.

The Hofburg Palace, Vienna: photo, address, map - 4
In the middle is a monument to Kaiser Franz II, whom the sculptor depicted a Senator of Ancient Rome. It so happened that the eye of the Emperor directed to the entrance of the Treasury, which holds in its bosom all the Royal regalia: crown, scepter and Orb of Ancient Rome, the spear of Longinus and the sword of Charlemagne.

Scientific and cultural pride of Vienna

In addition we recommend to visit the National library of Austria, where you will see the elegant front hall and a unique collection of globes. Some of the globes was missing the American continent. The library goes on the outer part of the area of the Palace complex of Josefplatz. If she is to go on the street Augustinerstra, then get on Albertinaplatz where is the Art Museum, included in the system of the Imperial Palace.

Earlier in the premises of the Museum was the residence of Archduke Albrecht. So the Museum had no choice but to take the name of this worthy son of the Austrian Fatherland. In front of the Museum, overlooking the Vienna state Opera. The collection of the Art Museum has the world’s largest collection of graphics. Among the authors the names of many geniuses of world art.

Once again I want to mention that the Hofburg was the winter residence of the Kaiser of Austria-Hungary, and in the summer the Emperor was moved to the more pretentious country schönbrunn Palace.