The house-Museum of Alexei Nikolaevich Beketov in Alushta, Ukraine

The house-Museum of Alexei Nikolaevich Beketov in Alushta, Ukraine

  • Country: Ukraine
  • City: Alushta
  • Address: Komsomolskaya str., 4

In the beautiful town Alushta, which is located on the Crimean Peninsula, many wonderful and interesting the originality of architectural structures. Among the shady chestnut trees and evergreen cypresses in the professors ‘ corner, located in the West of Alushta, stands a luxurious house-Museum named after A. N. Beketov. In the nineteenth century in these places have lived and worked many prominent representatives of the Russian intelligentsia. Beketov is one of them.

Professor’s corner
A. N. Beketov was born in Professor’s family, have received higher education and became an architect. During his creative activity has reached considerable heights. In 1898 he received the title of Professor of the Academy of arts in Saint Petersburg. Honored architect of the RSFSR, doctor of architecture Beketov has lived in Kharkov until 1941, worked there and died there. He has developed more than 70 projects, 40 of which was devoted to Kharkov. So, with confidence we can say that all the sights of the city were designed by the great architect. Project Beketov built magnificent buildings in Kiev, in the Crimea, in Baku, Simferopol. Not to mention Alushta Villa “Marina” or Simferopol drama theater, and the Crimean dacha of the Creator never ceases to be of great interest to tourists and connoisseurs of architecture.

Two-storey country house Beketov has built in Alushta, near the coast, on one of the slopes. From here to the sea you can go down the small stairs and walkways. The mansion is made in Oriental-Moorish style, the material of which served a local white-yellow stone. The building facade is decorated with carved wood detail combining a great decoration that stands out from the surrounding cottages. On the ground floor is a wonderful open porch, facade roof and columns which were decorated with carved paintings. Looks very harmonious on the roof of the four-sided tower with a dome. In every detail of the building there is nothing superfluous, every detail complements the other, giving the building an amazing beauty. The whole house is surrounded by a high wall of dense greenery, which lends a fairy-tale construction. This richness and beauty reflected in paintings created an outstanding architect and a great landscape painter Alexey Beketov. His paintings have survived and are in the house-Museum of his name and private collectors.

Twenty-five years ago, relatives Beketov decided to immortalize the memory of the great architect and landscape painter opening of the Museum. To recreate the atmosphere of life daughter of the Creator gave the Museum personal belongings, photographs, drawings and original furniture. For the development of the Museum did a lot the first Director, PhD in Philology, V. P. Cyganik. In the house-Museum are thousands of artifacts and unique collections, collected over the entire existence of the Museum. There are also works by famous artists of Ukraine and Crimea: the watercolors Jacob Basov and Hugh of Shaufler. The Museum constantly hosts exhibitions, thematic evenings, meetings with contemporary artists, architects, writers.