The house Museum of Leonardo da Vinci in the castle Clos-lucé, France

The house Museum of Leonardo da Vinci in the castle Clos-lucé, France

  • Country: France
  • City: Amboise
  • Address: 2 Rue du Clos Luce, 37400 Amboise

Many French kings sympathetic to the picturesque lands of the Loire valley, erecting the bed-residence. But one of those buildings is not usual, the castle of Clos-Luce is the last home of the great Leonardo da Vinci. It was here, visiting France at the invitation of Francis I, the artist spent the last three years of his life. And today, a small lock of pink brick attracts thousands of tourists, not the flight of architectural and design ideas and arranged in it a Museum of da Vinci.

Not one owner changed the land and buildings in the Loire valley. In ancient times, it settled Gallic tribe in the twelfth century Hugh Embassy built a castle and gave it as a gift to the convent, and later the area belonged to étienne the Lela, quite wealthy the assistant chef of Louis XI. In 1477, he built a small mansion.

Significant changes occurred after Charles VIII wished to make the castle his residence, and bought it for 3500 ECU in gold. Artists, architects and wood-carvers turned Clos lucé to the Royal castle as we see it. As for the Queen of France Anne of Brittany of white Sandstone here was built a chapel.

Who became in consequence king Francis I, the Duke of Angouleme sister Margaret of Navarre in his youth, often lived in the castle. It was here that the monarch and invited to live Leonardo da Vinci, arrived in France in 1516. Francis I was paid a salary of 700 crowns each year, contain a staff of servants, paid for the household and bought the artist’s work. The king liked to listen to his stories about architecture and painting. According to legend, on meeting with Leonardo, he came through a secret underground passage. At the age of 67 years, the artist died in the castle surrounded by students and was buried in the chapel of the Royal castle of Amboise. And the Clos lucé was organized by the house Museum of Leonardo da Vinci.

   Excursion to the house Museum begins with the ascent to the watchtower, which offers views of the valley and the Amboise castle. At the entrance of tourists meets a Museum employee dressed as a servant of an artist. Although work on the reconstruction of the interior, conducted by Bernard Vitry, are not fully authentic, to get an idea about the last years of da Vinci can. So, in the bedroom fireplace have been preserved with the Royal coat of arms and Italian furniture, and in the office, all arranged as if the Creator just came out of the room and will return soon. Followed by saloons, equipped in the style of XVIII century, who served as a da Vinci exhibition halls. And the main hall in the Renaissance style is striking in its brilliance.

For many years the legacy of Leonardo existed only in the form of diagrams, but now in the Museum exposition also includes a collection of layouts in the Park. Prototypes of the helicopter, airplane, tank, and parachute, “borrowed” in the future, Leonardo da Vinci will amaze you with their similarity to the existing.