“The Ice Passed,” Abram Efimovich Archipov – overview of the painting

“The Ice Passed,” Abram Efimovich Archipov – overview of the painting
“The Ice Passed,” Abram Efimovich Archipov - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Abram Efimovich Archipov
  • Museum: Ryazan Regional Art Museum
  • Year: 1895

Overview of the painting :

Ice passed – Abram Efimovich Arkhipov. Oil on canvas. 70 x 136 cm

   A magnificent artistic masterpiece created by A. E. Archips! The painting “Ice Passed” is written in the style of realism. Her plot is a landscape and a genre scene.

   The picture is filled with the sound of spring. This is one of the most joyful, spring works of the artist. The canvas is written optimistically and inspirationally. Everything is flooded with the first rays of the sun. On the shore you can see the islets of unsteady snow. The river has already freed itself from ice shackles. Blue expanse captivates with radiant light.

   Local residents came to the riverbank to admire the spring triumph of nature. They are busy with their own affairs. People are in unity with the outside world. Through the landscape, their feelings, emotions, thoughts are transmitted to the viewer. From the canvas blows in the real spring. People are waiting for her awakening. They are embraced by the expectation of a bright feast of earthly harmony, combined with the upcoming flowering of the earth.

   A boy is a teenager, sitting on a snag, looking thoughtfully into the distance, dreaming of warmth and the sun. In the center of the artistic composition is a man with a child in his arms and children. Brother shows the younger sister the river and the surrounding space. Men sitting on the tulupas talk about something lively. Guys play candy. On the left, children observe the movement of ice along the river. In the far plane of the picture, a woman will rinse her underwear.

   The artist conveyed light and non-small tones in the picture. He sought to show people and nature in a single resonance with the universe. His great inspiration and hard work led to the creation of such a wonderful canvas. The sensitivity and subtle mental lyrics of the master evokes romantic dreaminess. The picture is ennobled with its pristine appearance!

   The creation of the artist Archipov gives light, love, good, good impressions, faith in a beautiful future. It’s nice to contemplate, thinking about tomorrow. It creates a wonderful emotional attitude and charges with favorable energy. The picture will look great in the home interior of the living room and work room, as well as in educational centers.