The Lamborghini Museum, Italy

The Lamborghini Museum, Italy

The Lamborghini Museum, Italy - 1

  • Country: Italy
  • City: Bologna
  • Address: Via Modena, 12

In a small town near Bologna, nothing like that here are collected the most coveted car in the world. Well, or one of the most coveted. Lamborghini personal use is undoubtedly the indicator of the viability, success and good luck. The Museum is located near the Lamborghini factory, which now belongs to the Volkswagen group.

The Lamborghini Museum, Italy - 2
Not so long ago, Museum halls had lodgings in the factory production hangar. But the interest of the public and promotional considerations of the owners of forced them to build the Museum a new building, worthy of expensive items. Glass and steel building at the same time managed to owners in $ 25 million. However, what these millions for such a plant.

The Lamborghini Museum, Italy - 3
The Museum is open from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 PM. Break from 12.30 to 13.30. The entrance ticket will cost 13 euros. Discounts can expect full-time students (need to show your ISIC), seniors over 65 years of age (passport), as well as a group of more than 20 people. In this case, the ticket will cost 10 Euro.

The Lamborghini Museum, Italy - 4
If you want to visit the factory to see with your own eyes how to manually gather this dream of millions, you will need to purchase a new ticket. Regular ticket – 40 Euro discount – 30. Factory tour is guided, a group of 15-20 people.

The Lamborghini Museum, Italy - 5
On the first floor of the Museum presents the very first model of Lamborghini. Among them, of course, stands out the very first model, assembled a talented mechanic Ferruccio Lamborghini. Beside the car, for the first time in the world overcame the barrier of 300 kilometers per hour. In the hall hosted a booth with historic photos.

The Lamborghini Museum, Italy - 6
The second floor of the Museum offers visitors to get acquainted with the most famous, successful and unique models of Lamborghini. The Diablo series cars, a police car (only two of them, both donated to the Italian police, the fastest police cars in the world!). You can see the cars released in a single copy. Multiple engines for offshore boats. There are race cars designed for racing Formula 1.

The Lamborghini Museum, Italy - 7
Visitors love to be photographed on the background of one of the models attached to the wall of the hall. Will not be bored, especially those who love cars.

Near the Museum is the most amazing car for Lamborghini. Free days were not the case, recorded the happy owners for a month or two. Service at the service station mechanics plant. Best practices does not give one.

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