“The landscape with flight to Egypt,” Peter Braigel the Elder – a description of the picture

“The landscape with flight to Egypt,” Peter Braigel the Elder – a description of the picture
“The landscape with flight to Egypt,” Peter Braigel the Elder - a description of the picture - 1

  • Posted by Peter Braigel Sr
  • Museum: Curto Institute of Art, London
  • Year: 1563

Description of the picture :

Landscape fleeing to Egypt – Peter Braigel the Elder. Wood, butter. 37.1 x 55.6 cm

   The wonderful picturesque picture “The Landscape with Escape to Egypt” was created by the master of the brush Peter Braigel the Elder. Artwork written in the Northern Renaissance Style. Her plot is a religious scene.

   The work is based on a biblical narrative of the flight of Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus to Egypt from the persecution of the army of King Herod. The king ordered the destruction of all young children under the age of two, so that the baby Jesus would not come to power in the future. The father of the child saw in a dream an angel who ordered him to take his family to Egypt.

   The artist talentedly and giftedly put his whole soul and heart into his creation. Braigel painted a picture with great inspiration, using bright colors in his work. He showed Dutch nature in all its splendor.

   In the foreground of the picture is the holy family: Mary, Joseph and little Jesus. They descend down the mountain slope. Joseph leads the donkey on which his wife sits, clinginging to the baby’s chest. Maria is wearing a white hat and a luxurious red cloak. Her husband is wearing gray men’s clothes that look contrasting on the green and brown background of the hills. The nature around them is very picturesque! The family harmonizes with it, being part of a vast universe.

   The rocks, like mighty giants, harbor them from misfortune. Below are the marvelous expanses of wooded capes. Between them a wide river curled up. In the background are mountain slopes and cities located on the islands. There are lonely cliffs behind the river. Around is extraordinary silence and calm. The blue sky is covered with white clouds. A foggy haze is visible over the mountains. The family covers the freshness of mountain nature.

   To the right on the stump is a pagan wooden statue. A fallen dry tree trunk combined with a growing pine tree creates a cross. Among the rocks, unusual stone statues similar to sphinxes are noticeable. On the left is a small gorge. It seems that the holy family is guarded by mountain spirits. If you look closely, then in front of them you can notice transparent fabulous human figures. Landscape is simply fantastic!

   The picture carries light, good, universal love and harmony, ennobles spiritually. She will look great in the home interior of the living room, bedroom, children’s and work room.