The Lazaro Galdiano Museum, Madrid, Spain

The Lazaro Galdiano Museum, Madrid, Spain

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  • Country: Spain
  • City: Madrid
  • Address: Calle Serrano, 122

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State the Lazaro Galdiano Museum is one of the most interesting and popular museums in the world and probably the most favorite Museum of the people of Madrid. Here are collected the works of such great Spanish masters like Francisco Goya, Hieronymus Bosch, Francisco Zurbaran, El Greco, Murillo, velázquez, and the works of famous artists of the English school: Thomas Gainsborough, John constable, Joshua Reynolds, George Romney and many other authors.

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The founder of the Museum is a well-known Spanish publisher, philanthropist and collector Jose Lazaro Galdiano. Palace in the Italian style of the early 20th century, which is now a Museum, was once the personal residence of lázaro Galdiano. He donated to the Spanish government, before his death, in 1948, a large collection of books (over 20,000 volumes) and works of art (more than 12600 copies). The Fundacion Lazaro Galdiano, created with the purpose of training, classification, and preservation of heritage, manages the Museum today. A special place in the collection of the Museum is paintings, prints and drawings by Francisco Goya, world heritage.

Among the many paintings in the Museum demonstrates the work of MATEO Cerezo, Claudio Coello, Eugenio Lucas, Zacarias Gonzalez Velazquez, Agustin de Esteve, Vicente lópez, Porthan and Juan Martin Cabezuelo.

The Museum Lazaro Galdiano also are superb examples of decorative and applied art, Church utensils, jewelry, precious cups, vintage enamel, armour of Spanish knights, medals, coins, ivories.

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The Museum combines 20 exhibition halls, 2 book rooms, 4 exhibition office and even a shop. The rooms of the Museum are divided into topics and display of Spanish art from the XV to the XIX centuries, Italian painting from the fifteenth – through the nineteenth centuries, Flemish and German painting from the XV – XVIII centuries, English school XVII – XVIII centuries and the French school from the XIII – XX centuries Separate room is devoted to Francisco de Goya and his contemporaries.

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Room # 1 is a collection of sculptures, medals and coins. Office No. 2, has a unique collection of sculptures from wood. Office No. 3 presents a showcase of Chinese porcelain, vases, dishes. Office No. 4 – exhibition of collections of fabrics, for it is a shop, further – reading rooms № 1 and № 2, and completes a tour of an outdoor classroom where visitors arrive surrounded by figures of medieval warriors in expensive armor.

Museo josé lázaro Galdiano, in addition to permanent exhibitions, and also organises temporary exhibitions, showing unique exhibits in a New light.