The Lenin Museum in Finland, Tampere

The Lenin Museum in Finland, Tampere

The Lenin Museum in Finland, Tampere - 1

  • Country: Finland
  • City: Tampere
  • Address: Hameenpuisto 28

Finland is rich in its beauty, so if you decide to visit Tampere, you pass the historic places you are unlikely. The Lenin Museum is curiosity, because in our country, Vladimir Ilyich is a person, known to the present time. On the other hand, looking at the exhibits, my heart starts nostalgia and memory appears happy Soviet childhood is the summer camps, songs, chants, and, of course, everyone’s favorite “grandpa Lenin”. This Museum, located in Finland, is the only existing place in the world, which has preserved the memory of a great leader.

The museums of Finland hide a great secret, of course, their exposure has decreased slightly in size, but, nevertheless, were able to maintain their beauty. The famous Museum shares its building with a theatre and exhibition halls easy to get, you should follow the signs located on the walls and in a few minutes you’ll on the spot. Museums are incredibly beautiful, they nourish us with the story and discover an interesting face, as if inviting us to become the participant of amazing plays. If you follow the signs in the Museum, you will be able to understand what they depict Vladimir Ilyich himself, who is a familiar gesture directs visitors to the exhibition.

In the Museum you will find very many portraits and paintings world leader, and will be able to see with old photos. On one of the photos depicts Lenin in disguise. To avoid prosecution and to avoid being arrested for their political views Vladimir Ilyich often had to travel outside of the country. If you are a connoisseur of Soviet culture, be sure to visit this Museum, which will bring you a lot of pleasant emotions.