“The Lesson of Music,” Jan Vermeer, is a description of the picture

“The Lesson of Music,” Jan Vermeer, is a description of the picture
“The Lesson of Music,” Jan Vermeer, is a description of the picture - 1

  • Posted by Jan Vermeer
  • Museum: Royal Art Assembly, London
  • Year: 1665

Description of the picture :

Music lesson – Jan Vermeer. Oil on canvas. 74 x 64.6 cm
   The paintings of Jan Vermeer are always filled with hidden meaning and mystery. This is one of the features of his work, which attracts and will-will make him immerse himself in the search for truth. Several centuries have passed, but people still build theories about the work of a great artist.

   The painting “Freak of Music” was written presumably between 1662-1665. This is one of the few works that was stored in the artist’s house until her death.

   All actions on the canvas occur in a rather large and spacious room, dimly lit through stained glass windows of window frames. The space seems to be divided into two parts: one part is light, the other is dark. The atmosphere in the picture is dominated by a gloomy, but such an opinion is somewhat erroneous, because it dilutes this character relationship.

   It seems that the work does not carry any semantic load, but this is not so. In the corner of the room near the wall, where saturated light is directed, there is a piano. He plays a young girl in a white blouse and a red skirt with a black ottoman. It is depicted from the back, so we can conclude that it is passionate about the game.

   However, the mirror gives out that her eyes do not fall on the keys. The girl is trying in every possible way to hide her interest in her teacher standing nearby. It is possible that there is some kind of romantic note between the heroes, or maybe some feelings.

   A man, in turn, is wearing a strict black suit, with white lace cuffs. His serious appearance and sword in his hands speak of a high position in society. The teacher’s look is also aimed at the girl.

   It is worth paying attention to the legs of the easel, noticeable in the mirror. The author seems to be peeping at the couple and suggests doing this with him. No wonder the first plan of the picture is occupied by a table that is covered with a heavy carpet hanging on the floor. It also has a snow-white jug. The jug is written in thin, light smears, while the dark blue fabric of the chair is quite large and texture. It is easy to hide behind objects and watch a couple.

   A lot of the author transmits through light and shadows that are soft and smooth. Skillful color processing of Vermeer is one of the aspects confirming his skill and professionalism. No wonder everyone is still wondering how Vermeer got such photorealistic painting.