The Luftwaffe Museum in Berlin

The Luftwaffe Museum in Berlin

The Luftwaffe Museum in Berlin - 1

  • Country: Germany
  • City: Berlin
  • Address: Kladower Damm 182

This Museum is perhaps the most interesting of all military-history museums created by the Bundeswehr. It is located on the airbase in the town of Delegates, where in 1935, was built for training military airfield. After the war, this is a full-fledged airbase, belonged to Britain’s Royal air force, and shortly after the withdrawal of British troops and the unification of Germany, here in 1990 it was decided part of the hangars and base areas to provide for the organization of Germany’s largest aviation Museum. And in 1995 the Museum presented its collection on display to visitors.

The Luftwaffe Museum in Berlin - 2
Germany of the last century was always in the midst of military events, and therefore with the collection of exhibits, reflecting the development of military aviation and air defense systems in the 20th century did not have any problems. In the area of the airfield under the open sky presents a variety of airplanes and helicopters, as the recent past, and quite modern designs. Here peacefully coexists technique and NATO, and the Soviet Union, and the air force of the Bundeswehr. On the special grounds of the former airbase are exhibited also samples of military radar technology and air defense systems of different countries.

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The most valuable exhibits of the Museum located in the hangar. Here are kept unique samples of aeronautical engineering of the early 20th century and the time of the 2nd world war, samples of equipment of the pilots of those time and aircraft weapons. Among the exhibits there are uniforms also legendary as the 1st world war – Manfred von Richthofen and a distant relative, have fought in the 2nd world – Wolfram von Richthofen. Continued popularity and such exhibit as uniform Hermann Goering – commander of the Luftwaffe during Hitler.

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The exposition of the Museum is so interesting and varied that interested in the history of technology a little visitor one day in order to fully enjoy all this Museum splendor. Fortunately, a visit to the Museum is free.