The Metropolitan Museum of art in new York and the address of the Museum

The Metropolitan Museum of art in new York and the address of the Museum

  • Country: U.S. Museums
  • City: New York
  • Address: 1000 5th Avenue

   The Metropolitan Museum in 1870 by a group of new York public figures and artists. It is based on the private collection donated to the Museum. It was opened in 1872 in a Grand building of the school of dance. In 1894 – 1902 in Central Park new York architect Hyde erected the main building of the Metropolitan Museum. In 1905 – 1926 architectural firm “McKim, Mead & White” to the main building of the Museum was attached to the side wings. In the future, the building of the Metropolitan Museum was rebuilt and reconstructed.

Its neoclassical facade hides a few different buildings connected by passages and stairs. In 1938 in the Park Fort Tryon opened a branch of the Metropolitan Museum – the Museum of Medieval art. Metropolitan Museum exists mainly in the private funds managed by the Board of Trustees, that affect all the activities of the Museum.

At the Metropolitan Museum contains about 3 million works. The departments of American painting and sculpture, ancient art and art of the ancient world, Islamic art and Western European painting. In addition, the Museum features engravings and lithographs, arts and crafts, musical instruments, weapons.

The Museum exhibits major works by masters of Italian Renaissance: Botticelli, Raphael, Tintoretto, and Titian. To the world’s best collections include the collection of Dutch and Dutch paintings that includes masterpieces of Rogier van der Weyden, Bosch, Peter Bruegel the elder. The German Renaissance represented by the works of dürer, Lucas Cranach the elder, the younger Holbein and others.

   The Metropolitan Museum owns the world’s largest collection of Rembrandt’s works, including 23 paintings of 4 songs Jan Vermeer van Delft, more than 10 portraits of Frans Hals. A worthy place in the Museum is the work of the artists of Spain-El Greco, velázquez, Murillo, Goya. French painting is represented by works of Poussin, Watteau, Edouard Manet, Renoir.

In the early 18th century in America there were paintings of English artists. In collections of Metropolitan pieces of work by Reynolds, Turner, Gainsborough. A special place in the collections of the Metropolitan is an American painting. Her at the Metropolitan Museum dedicated a special gallery, which presents the works of prominent American artists. In the collections of American painting of the 18th-19th centuries are works by Copley, Homer, Whistler, Akins. Painting late 19th early 20th century represented by the works of John singer, of Sagent.

As the scale of its collections and the diversity of the Metropolitan is on a par with the great museums of the world.