“The Muki of Christ”, Luis de Morales – overview of the painting

“The Muki of Christ”, Luis de Morales – overview of the painting
"The Muki of Christ", Luis de Morales - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Luis de Morales
  • Museum: Private collection
  • Year: 1566

Overview of the painting :

The torment of Christ is Luis de Morales. Oil on canvas.

   The religious and mystical stories of the famous Spanish painter Luis de Morales are permeated with the spirit of their harsh and rather ascetic time. Undoubtedly, for the artist the main goal has always been the maximum disclosure of the internal experiences of the heroes of his works. The subtle transmission of deeply hidden emotions comes to the fore. Through a mean gesture, a restrained facial expressions or a frozen, stopped look. The viewer, peering into the paintings of Morales, with every minute more and more penetrates with a whole spectrum of feelings: compassion, sorrow, anxiety, pain and touching tenderness.

   On a canvas called “The Muki of Christ,” Luis de Morales portrayed Jesus in a bare crown of thorns humbly going to execution. The image of the Savior with the help of a cold, bluish-dusk range stands out from a common dark background, giving the figure a transparent, almost unrealistic glow.

   The unbearable torment and mental suffering of Jesus is emphasized by the tense, absent expression of the face – a extinct, lost eyes, reduced, slightly raised eyebrows and ajarp, as if in a silent moan. Blood flowing from under the drunk needles of the crown is mixed with transparent drops of tears and sweat, reinforcing the oppressive impression. To achieve monumentality and special relief, the artist somewhat enlarges the proportions of the body and face of Christ.

   Luis de Morales deliberately did not depict the tools of the Passion of Christ. As conceived, physical pain, bodily, should not have been compared with spiritual suffering. The point of view of the master made it possible to convey the desired plan so correctly that, giving the image extraordinary purity and exaltation, Morales brought Christ, everyone looking at the picture, closer to the experiences.