The Museum gayer Anderson in Cairo, Egypt

The Museum gayer Anderson in Cairo, Egypt

The Museum gayer Anderson in Cairo, Egypt - 1

  • Country: Egypt
  • City: Cairo
  • Address: Ahmed Ibn Tolon

Physician and public servant of Egypt, the Englishman gayer-Anderson, was an avid collector. For the life of the brave officer traveled extensively in Central Asia, the Middle East. Egypt was his last place of service. Valuable specialist allocated for housing two ancient houses in the centre of Cairo, which he bought. Placing your collection in all rooms in two-story buildings, gayer-Anderson bequeathed all his fortune to Egypt. After his death it was converted into a Museum.

The Museum gayer Anderson in Cairo, Egypt - 2
The Museum is located in the oldest mosque of Egypt, before the entrance there is a small garden, perfectly preserved. The exposition acquaints visitors with the life of the rich citizens of the East. All the items in the Museum are arranged in such a way that creates a sense of presence of the owner. Each room is decorated in a new style.

The Museum gayer Anderson in Cairo, Egypt - 3
Furniture, carpets, luxury items, samples of small plastics from Syria, Turkey, Persia. Vintage dishes adorn the walls of the hallway and waiting room. Room gifts from the Egyptian sheikhs of amazing wealth and luxury.

In the Museum an excellent collection of ancient coinage, Eastern weapons. Interest Eastern carved chests, which were used as a dumbwaiter.

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Interior balcony with a low couch and a table with tea sets that looks comfortable and at home.

The Museum boasts a small collection of paintings, brought by the founder from India and Iran.

Of great interest is the collection of subjects of a female toilet: combs, jewelry box, boxes for cosmetics, etc.

A separate exposition is dedicated to the family of the founder of the Museum. This is mainly photos and personal belongings.

The Museum gayer Anderson in Cairo, Egypt - 5
From the terrace of the Museum offers a great view of medieval Cairo and the mosque of Tulun. And the reception on the ground floor of the Museum is decorated with a mosaic floor and a fountain.

The Museum works from 8 am to 4 PM. A feature is that even for private use must be accompanied by a guide. It is not associated with additional costs. Support is necessary, so that visitors will not miss any of the room in a confused Oriental home. Security considerations are also relevant.

An admission fee of 30 Egyptian pounds. Disabled people in wheelchairs to visit this Museum can’t.