The Museum is located in Germany

The Museum is located in Germany

The Museum is located in Germany - 1

  • Country: Germany
  • City: Bavaria
  • Address: 1, GroBe Messergasse

We used to perceive the rate as being charming, cute family companion. However, this breed is a hunting, she has been bred by man in ancient times, especially for the extraction of burrowing animals. But these days, the Dachshund became a loyal friend and is increasingly found as a pet in the population of megacities.

No wonder people wanted to capture the history of these amazing dogs. In Passau in German Bavaria, is the first and only one on a given day at the world Museum fees. It tells not only the history of the breed, but also provides a huge number of photos, drawings, figurines of this lovely animal. Many figurines are made from many different materials – glass, metal, porcelain, ceramic, plastic and ivory.

Dackelmuseum delights visitors with bright Central part of the exhibition. Here are the “Golden” taxes of all types and sizes. In the centre is a large statue of the dog Golden color, topped with a luxurious crown.

Daily from 10:00 to 16:00

Ticket price:
5 Euro adult
3 € – students
children under 12 years free

Specific features of the Museum

The entire Museum is divided into separate thematic groups focusing on specific aspects of the life of this breed of dog. For example, “In the meadow” is a group of porcelain figurines of cats on green stylized box. It symbolizes freedom and independence these dogs.

Fees – Norns hunting dog, bred for hunting badgers and other burrowing animals. This is due to their specific body type. There are three variations of dogs:

  • Smooth.
  • The long-haired.
  • The wire-haired.

The Museum is located in Germany - 2
This is a very ancient breed. Still considerable debate about when it was bred and where. Some even argue that taxes were known in Ancient Egypt.

Anyway, these animals for many centuries, enjoyed great love and affection of the people. It came to this: almost every car in the 70-ies – 80-ies “sat” red short-haired Dachshund in the form of figurines, nodding my head when driving the car. Now this instance is also represented in the Museum.

The Dachshund is not only a great hunting dog and a nice pet. In 1972 during the Olympics in Munich, she became a mascot of these famous contests. And for good reason: it is a small creature differs extraordinary courage, endurance and fortitude. Such fighting data combined with a gentle nature and a huge love for people. That’s what made the taxes so loved by many people.

Dachshunds are so popular in Bavaria that in their honor even called beer and often prepared meals in the form of a dog or give them names associated with these dogs. When you consider that in English-speaking countries taxes are called “dog sausages”, then the connection with the gourmet theme can be traced unambiguous.

The Museum is located in Germany - 3
Museum fees – private, supervise it two enthusiasts, of course, passionate lovers of dachshunds, Joseph Kublbeck and Oliver Storz. Thanks to them, the Museum has an increasing number of exhibits and promoted this wonderful breed of dogs.