The Museum Kampa in Prague, Czech Republic

The Museum Kampa in Prague, Czech Republic

The Museum Kampa in Prague, Czech Republic - 1

  • Country: Czech Republic
  • City: Prague
  • Address: U Sovovych mlynu 2

One of the youngest museums of modern art opened a year later than planned. Prevented the flood. Now a Museum on the banks of the Vltava river South of Prague’s famous Charles bridge, attracts crowds of tourists with its unusual and extraordinary works of art.

The Museum Kampa in Prague, Czech Republic - 2
The Museum is clearly divided into three parts: a collection of family metkovich, contemporary collection of painting and collages Jiri Collaria, the meeting “to Jiri Chalupecky”.

All three meetings include Czech and Eastern European artists of the 20th century.

The Museum Kampa in Prague, Czech Republic - 3

Family collection metkovich

In this part of the Museum there is the opportunity to meet the artist Kupka and sculptor Gutfreund. Interesting to see how transformirovalsya aesthetic program by františek Kupka from impressionism to non-objective compositions. Remain unchanged the mastery of color combinations, energetic manner.

The Museum Kampa in Prague, Czech Republic - 4
Sculpture Gutfreund – a classic representative of cubism – attract emotional expressiveness, plasticity and depth images.

Collection Jiri Collaria

This collection includes not only works of the Maestro, while his collages and form the core of this part of the Museum’s collection, much of the work of his colleagues, among them there are works by Rodin. The collection is somewhat nesistematichno. One gets the impression that the paintings came in this meeting by chance and nothing they have in common. But this is only the very first sight. The diversity of this collection explains the most artistic fashion of the 20th century, full of searching, trial and experimentation.

The Museum Kampa in Prague, Czech Republic - 5

The meeting “to Jiri Chalupecky”

One of the most surprising and interesting fact collections. These works were intended for sale in favor of the sick Czech art theorist Chalupecky. The artists gave their best work to help the peers. Fortunately, the situation was resolved and no sales. But his work artists of the Czech Republic refused to take back, in part giving them the Foundation patrons Mladenov, partially to the Museum Kampa.

In this part of the exhibition meet incredibly interesting work. But more importantly the atmosphere that reigns in this part of the Museum. Visitors unwittingly become involved in a certain action, designed to help the unfortunate.

The Museum Kampa in Prague, Czech Republic - 6
   The Kampa Museum is currently undergoing some reconstruction. Periodically close the main exhibitions are hosted temporary exhibitions. All changes will be completed by autumn 2014. Then all the main masterpieces will be open to visitors. The Museum has a great team of young people who often conduct workshops for children and students. From wanting no rebound, so it’s interesting and unusual.

Admission is 260 CZK.