The Museum Kon-Tiki: the story of the great traveler

The Museum Kon-Tiki: the story of the great traveler

The Museum Kon-Tiki: the story of the great traveler - 1

  • Country: Norway
  • City: Oslo
  • Address: 36 Bygdoynesveien

Thor Heyerdahl, the whole world knows. The Norwegians are famous for their travelers, but the Tour they are most proud of. Enthusiastic and communicative person able to gather around himself a large group of bright individuals to make a number of journeys that changed not only the geographical view of the world, but history itself.

In the Museum “Kon-Tiki” on display is an unusual vessel, which was accomplished spectacular ocean journey. Even the great anthropologist, Explorer, filmmaker and philanthropist Heyerdahl, creating the Museum, dreamed of continuing his craft. Collections, exhibitions, exposure – everything was to inspire future travelers on a bold experiment.

The Museum Kon-Tiki: the story of the great traveler - 2
The main attention of visitors is drawn, of course, on the raft “Kon-Tiki”, the ship “Tigris”, “RA”, “Fatuhiva”. Fragile, and at first glance, fake boats, went to great lengths through the oceans. Not all trips have happy endings, but that’s never stopped any of the Thor Heyerdahl or his associates.

After the founder’s death, the Museum hosted a major exhibition dedicated to Thor Heyerdahl personally. Visitors have free access to the library of the traveler, which contains tens of thousands of books from around the world.

The Museum has a small exhibition of sea fish encountered on the way courts, an extensive collection of photographs, documents and personal belongings of travelers.

In the Museum auditorium every day at noon to view a film about the journey on a raft “Kon-Tiki”.

The Museum Kon-Tiki: the story of the great traveler - 3
The school works actively with schools and universities. Special tours for young Norwegians carried out by professional travelers. You can book a tour in English.

The Museum is open daily, hours depend on the flow of tourists (of the season):

  • from November to February – from 10 to 16 hours;
  • in the spring and September, October – from 10 to 17 hours;
  • in summer from 9.30 to 18 hours

Tickets for adults 90 CZK, children under 15 years 40 CZK.

The ticket price includes a visit to the main exhibition and temporary exhibitions, visiting cinema and library. With the same ticket you can go to the FRAM Museum.

To reach places best bus number 30 or on the ferry (expensive!).

Entrance to the Museum is free during the “Night of museums”, and in separate days on which the institution informs its visitors on the home page.