The Museum of death, Los Angeles, USA

The Museum of death, Los Angeles, USA

The Museum of death, Los Angeles, USA - 1

  • Country: U.S. Museums
  • City: Los Angeles
  • Address: 6031 Hollywood Blvd

One of the most controversial and unusual museums in the world was established in 1995. The founders of the institutions dedicated to his death, in all its manifestations.

Guided by the slogan: “We’re all gonna die, why not learn about the death more?” – J. Healy and K. Schulz has gathered a unique collection that is associated with the eternal mystery of human existence (or nonexistence – so accurate).

The Museum is located on Hollywood Boulevard, open seven days a week. Visitors have the opportunity to view the exhibition from 11 am to 8 PM. On Saturdays even up to 22 hours. At the entrance asking $ 15. Near the Museum there is free Parking, which is rare in Hollywood. Open to all interested persons, however, at the cash Desk of the Museum hangs a recommendation not to bring children to refrain from visiting pregnant women and people with a weak nervous system.

Advertising promises something unique and special. Guides in the Museum, but this does not affect the visitors ‘ experience. Ignorance of the English language is not an obstacle. What are the exhibits “happy” Museum visitors?

The exhibits of the Museum of death

A collection of various attributes of a funeral – that’s just foreplay. Instruments for embalming bodies for dissection of corpses – not the most terrible in “his” Museum.

A huge collection of photos depicting the executions, the results of road accidents, the horrors of the morgue, the “activities” of serial killers, maniacs. A special pride of the Museum is severed by the guillotine and carefully preserved head of the “Bluebeard” killer women from France of the early 20th century.

Suicides of all kinds devoted an entire hall of the Museum.

Videos are also widely represented. Executions, murder, mutilated bodies…

A strong stomach, nerves of steel, composure is a necessary quality for the visitors of this controversial institution.

Advertising on the Internet page of the Museum States that one visit lasts about 45 minutes. The owners claim that visitors may stay in the halls as much as you want. Scrupulously counted cases falling into a swoon, statistics and served with pride.

When you have quite a large store where visitors can purchase Souvenirs of the visit: t-shirts, jackets, mugs, badges, magnets, shopping bags, wallets – everything with symbols of the Museum (the skull, the inscription “death”, etc.), a Board game called “Serial killer” (one of the players is the killer, all the other victims). To get such favors, there is no need to go to Hollywood. You can order on the website of the institution.

Museum of death is not lacking in visitors. For obvious reasons pictures of the rooms of the Museum we have not exposed.