The Museum of La Scala, Milan

The Museum of La Scala, Milan

The Museum of La Scala, Milan - 1

  • Country: Italy
  • City: Milan
  • Address: Piazza della Scala 20121

Museum the famous theatre was opened in the early 20th century. During the existence of the theatre (two hundred and fifty years) has accumulated a sufficient number of valuable items, which were previously settled in private collections. A contemporary collection of artifacts related to the best performances of the theatre, composers, actors, was purchased for the Museum from the well-known collector Giulio of Sanbona.

The Museum consists of ten rooms, libraries and gambling hall theatre. Special attention should be paid to several rooms containing the main Museum treasures.

The Museum of La Scala, Milan - 2

Hall of musical instruments

The exposition of the Museum begins with an exhibition of ancient musical instruments, among which special attention should be paid to the piano, belonging to Verdi. Here is the sculptural portrait of the great composer, as well as a portrait of the chief architect Piermarini theater, great actors Talma and ROCOR.

The Museum of La Scala, Milan - 3
The hall is decorated by artists of the 17th century. The most interesting one is the picture Evaristo Baschenis “Musical instruments”. The famous instrumental “” still life – a picturesque Baroque music.

The spinet of the 17th century – not only rare instrument, but also a monument of painting. The tool cover was painted by a talented artist Angelo Solimena. Looks unusual Judith with the head of Holofernes in the hands on the lid of the spinet. Museum workers assume that the tool was made for woman that the strangeness of the choice of subject of painting does not explain.

The Museum of La Scala, Milan - 4

Hall “Commedia Dell’arte”

Here I put a collection of porcelain figurines in the form of characters in the Italian popular Comedy of the 18th century. Harlequin, of Brighella, Pantalone, Colombina, Pierrot, in picturesque groups and individually. Made the figures on the most famous European porcelain factories.
On the walls of the hall of great Callot etchings with scenes of the performances of a travelling theatre.

Here is a showcase of unique miniature musical instruments, among which a precious crystal flute.

Hall of divas of Opera

Hall is dedicated to the brightest stars of the great Opera for all time of its existence. On the walls of the magnificent portraits of the “stars” of their theatrical costumes, personal belongings. Here is a gallery of portraits of famous composers symbolise the glory of Italian Opera – Rossini, Bellini.

The Museum of La Scala, Milan - 5

Picture gallery

This is a room full of Italian paintings masterpieces: portraits of Verdi and his wives, types of La Scala theater, theater interiors – all work performed by the best Italian artists of the 19th century.

Hall of the twentieth century

This hall is dedicated to activities of Puccini and Toscanini. Portraits, original scores, personal items of composers. Here a number of albums with sketches of the scenery.

The Museum of La Scala, Milan - 6


In addition to countless shelves of books, here a small exhibition of theatrical costumes.

The Museum tour includes a visit to the Opera hall. In case you can listen to band practice, to visit the boxes of the theatre. Ends in “gaming” the lobby of the theater, where once the audience had fun gambling at the intermission.

In addition to the main exhibition in the Museum constantly hosts exhibitions: children’s drawings on the theme of “Aida”, an exhibition dedicated to the centenary of the Museum, etc.

   The entrance ticket costs 6 euros. A colorful and informative booklet of the Museum is 15 euros.