The Museum of letters in Berlin

The Museum of letters in Berlin

The Museum of letters in Berlin - 1

  • Country: Germany
  • City: Berlin
  • Address: Karl-Liebknecht-StraBe 13

Of particular interest to the printing and collecting of different signs was the reason to create a rather strange Museum, located in Berlin, “Museum of letters”. It collected, stored, restored obsolete letters and signs, neon lighting, and the detail analysis of their historical identity and manufacturing process. The Museum has over 500 exhibits, which to a point was an indispensable attribute of many big cities and provinces.

The Museum of letters in Berlin - 2
Buchstabenmuseum (translated into Russian “Museum of letters”) was founded in 2005, professional in design art Barbara Dechant and specialist museums Anna Schultz. By 2008, there was a large part of the collection of masterpieces and exhibited “on the court” to fans of this kind of art, or just interested spectators. Then, with forced extension, this Museum in 2010 relocated to larger premises, located in the Central part of the capital of Germany.

The Museum of letters in Berlin - 3
At the same time with the creation of the Museum project was founded a non-profit organization, which currently includes more than 50 employees who are struggling to develop the Museum. Funding is completely dependent on contributions from private entities.

The Museum of letters in Berlin - 4
The main goal of the employees of this Museum is to preserve the masterpieces of the past centuries to the present and future generation.

Main reasons why letters and signs unfit for further use is obvious: the fonts lose the modern style, the letters wear out and become obsolete, companies go bankrupt, renamed, or replaced their founders. Great that there are people who worry about the further destiny outdated, but unique products.

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With respect to such Museum pieces as the neon signs, the most attractive viewing at a later time, so most of the rooms in the Museum is decorated in black tones. To visiting the Museum, people were able to consider in more detail the names and characteristics of the exhibited products at the entrance give lights. There is also a small amount of bright little rooms, which vary in color: red, blue, yellow room.

The Museum of letters in Berlin - 6
At the moment the main part of the collection of finds that are found in Berlin and the surrounding area. The plans of the Museum staff there are ideas of extension organization and funding of collectible masterpieces with characters from other countries.