The Museum of Russian art in the United States, new Jersey

The Museum of Russian art in the United States, new Jersey

The Museum of Russian art in the United States, new Jersey - 1

  • Country: USA
  • City: New Jersey
  • Address: 80 Grand St

United States of America is a large and developed country, with huge skyscrapers and chic boutiques, is comfortably located a lot of museums and different monuments. USA is rich in historical homes that amaze with their wealth of exhibits and well-chosen combinations. It is worth noting that they are divided into national, art, military history, railway and house museums. Names a lot and all of them devoted to some kind of art, period in history or of the nation. Yes, because USA is a multinational country, which, like the great Palace, consists of different ethnic blocks, then each nation provides its own culture and its peculiarities not only in daily life but also in works of art.

Among the most popular worth mentioning such well-known as the Harvard Museum of natural history, Museum of archaeology and anthropology, University of Pennsylvania, national Museum of the American Indian, Hall of fame rock and roll Hall of fame US military intelligence and many others.

The Museum of Russian art in the United States, new Jersey - 2
   The Museum of Russian art , too, is not on the last position. It is snugly located in the town of Jersey city, in new Jersey. Rich is dedicated to the exhibition of Russian art, particularly Soviet nonconformist directions. She was born in 1980, but in 2010, this historic building is of brown stone, was renovated and reopened, greatly enriching your exposure.

Halls and exhibition specially equipped so that the visitors from the first steps plunged in a comfortable atmosphere of the famous Russian art. Everything is so to you at the time of visit forgot that you are in America. The paintings are located at a special angle to create maximum visibility. And those of the room, which depicted Russian life, a purely national objects and things, to effectively implement the idea. Especially here attention is drawn to the culture of the 20th and 21st centuries, particularly with the huge leap forward of this style, as the vanguard, with its most famous representatives – Malevich, Kandinsky etc. Here you will find a detailed presentation of the era of Unofficial art since the late 1950-ies and ending with the events of contemporary life. The spirit of Russian heritage found within the walls of the Museum, permeates you, and you all thoughts athletete in those days belong to the exposition.

   The Museum of Russian art in the United States – the pride of Russians and the joy of others of different nationalities, having such a great opportunity so closely acquainted with famous Russian culture. This historic building, a rich cultural heritage, is located not on the outskirts, and the city, so it’s not hard to find. Quiet and subtle Terra cotta color soothes the eyes as if beckons to feel the atmosphere of bliss and peace that he gives.