The Museum of science and technology, Shanghai, China

The Museum of science and technology, Shanghai, China

The Museum of science and technology, Shanghai, China - 1

  • Country: China
  • City: Shanghai
  • Address: 2000 Shiji Avenue, Pudong District

In this place nowhere better you can be sure that China is a great country. Currently, the science and technology Museum visited by more schoolchildren and students of Shanghai, but for any adult visiting this complex will be useful and interesting.

The Museum is divided into various thematic displays are located on three floors of a huge building.

The Museum of science and technology, Shanghai, China - 2

The first floor offers exhibitions on the theme:

  • The world of animals. Are the most interesting species of animals from all continents. The exposition is built in such a way that the viewer almost independently links the characteristics of animals forced to adapt to different climatic conditions. Among the exhibits there are very rare, almost endangered the representatives of the world fauna.
  • Natural landscapes of the province. It recreates the parts of the Chinese nature with its inhabitants: tropical forests, mountain areas, urban parks.
  • Hall research Earth enables visitors in an original way to discover the structure of our planet and the processes that occur in it.
  • The light of reason – exhibition, giving the opportunity to study the phenomena of the world of physics and chemistry. Everything is arranged according to the principle: Observation – Analysis – Understanding. Such interactive exhibits as the “laser harp”, or “glowing Orb” showing the ionization of the gas, forced to watch them for hours.
  • The cradle of design as the name implies, the exhibition dedicated to the masterpieces of world design, as well as various modern design projects in China.
  • Rainbow nation – the exposition of this part of the Museum dedicated exclusively to children. They are interesting all the science lab, magical forest, city of light and shadow, and more.
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    The second floor of the Museum complex also offers several exciting sections:

  • Our home Earth. Here you can learn about the natural disasters and their impact on our lives, a few songs and talk about environmental pollution and animal suffering. Simultaneously, here presented with a new environmentally friendly technologies.
  • A world of robots. The name speaks for itself. On the area of fifteen thousand square meters, the exhibition gives an idea of the possibilities of “intelligent” machines today.
  • The information age. This part of the Museum with a variety of modern information technologies and makes us think about the future of all mankind.
  • Spiders. The most complete collection of spiders in the world are presented in this section of the Museum. The exhibition is equipped with microscopes, to have the opportunity to explore the different jaws of these amazing creatures. And the spider model with a height of two meters is very popular among children.
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    Third floor happy new exhibitions:

  • Light research. Yard where father of genetics George Mendel planted peas, a study by albert Einstein laboratory, where Morgan studied the life of fruit flies. This is not a complete list of the most interesting exhibits, presentations and reconstructions of this section of the Museum.
  • People and health. In this part of the complex, you can test your body for health, you can be in the gastrointestinal tract of humans and to see all the processes taking place there. an unexpected exhibition, instructive and extremely interesting.
  • Completes the exposition of the exhibition space, its conquest, research, as well as future, yet fantastic projects. In addition to direct Museum of modern and high technology, the complex also includes several cinemas, premises for temporary exhibitions, gift shop.
  • Since the Museum is constantly visited by crowds of pupils and students accompanied by their teachers and teachers to visit it is best on a weekday and after lunch. At weekends there is too many visitors.

    The ticket will cost 60 yuan. Free access is the elderly (over 70 years), as well as conscripts, but only in the Chinese themselves.