The Museum Of Technology “Phaeton”, Ukraine

The Museum Of Technology “Phaeton”, Ukraine

The Museum Of Technology "Phaeton", Ukraine - 1

  • Country: Ukraine
  • City: Zaporozhye
  • Address: Vyborzka vul., 8

The Museum of Technology “Phaeton” is the only Museum of Soviet Automotive Equipment in Ukraine. The gallery opened in early 2008 in the city of Zaporozhye. Now in the collection of 150 items of auto, Moto, velo and military equipment. The Museum is located in four exhibition halls with an area of 3000 m2.

The Museum Of Technology "Phaeton", Ukraine - 2
At the exhibition visitors will see the following vehicles: ZIS-6 “Katyusha”, Armored car BA-64B, LUAZ 967 M, GAZ-21, ZIM GAZ-12, the legendary ZIS-5. Also in the Museum are foreign cars Willys, Dodge WC-51, GMC-353 supplied to the Soviet Union allies during the war.

The Museum Of Technology "Phaeton", Ukraine - 3
The creators of the Museum, are serious about their collection and are constantly adding new exhibits that are looking for all CIS countries. Once inside the Museum, guests will plunge into the history of the domestic automotive industry. And due to libraries specializing in the automotive industry and a guide, who will gladly talk about the technical characteristics of each car, the history and purpose of production, You will be an expert in the field of domestic automotive industry.

The Museum Of Technology "Phaeton", Ukraine - 4
Due to the greater number of automotive vehicles tour will be informative, and you will discover many new things. Seven years of uninterrupted existence, the motor club, the Museum proves that we are committed to the business. Proof of this is that all our equipment is refurbished and in good condition.

The Museum Of Technology "Phaeton", Ukraine - 5
Cars of the Museum participated in the all-Ukrainian exhibition in Kiev, as confirmed by diplomas and certificates. We are committed to increasing our technology, due to this the planned opening of the fifth exhibition hall. Visiting the Museum, you will receive unforgettable impressions, new knowledge and a good mood. We will not leave indifferent lovers of vintage cars, motorcycles and weapons of the past century.