The natural history Museum in Vienna, Austria

The natural history Museum in Vienna, Austria

The natural history Museum in Vienna, Austria - 1

  • Country: Austria
  • City: Vienna
  • Address: Burgring 7

The natural history Museum is located in Piazza Maria Teresa, directly opposite to the identical architecture of the Museum of art history. To distinguish it by standing at the entrance to the elephant. And inside, in the lobby, all visitors welcomed Darwin himself sitting on the Galapagos tortoises.

The natural history Museum in Vienna, Austria - 2
The construction of the Museum lasted 18 years and ended in 1889, the same year opening its doors to the public. Motivated by the construction of the Museum’s sprawling collection, which has been held in Hofburg. In 1750 Franz I Stephan bought more than 30,000 exhibits, and from that time the dynasty has multiplied them.

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Today the Museum’s collection is considered to be one of the most valuable and complete in the world. It has about 30 million various exhibits and specimens of extinct animals, precious stones, fossilized insect, fossils, placed in 39 rooms, which is visited annually by over half a million tourists. In a special Department of the Department of research and development, employs 60 scientists, making the exposition very interesting not only for children but also adults sometimes extremely difficult to detach from some of the exhibitions.

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The fact that many of the exhibits are interactive. For example, a five meter high model of a dinosaur, moving the head and wagging tail, a showcase of sharks, which in turn posveschaetsya to the music from the movie “Jaws”. Moreover, there is the opportunity to create a lightning and blow up the volcano.

With the help of many touch screens, you can increase the items or rotate bones in 3D, and for microorganisms provides a microscope with which it is extremely entertaining to look at the exhibits. All of this comes in the form of educational games and leaves, valid, lots of new experiences and knowledge not only to schoolchildren but also their parents.

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A very interesting hall dedicated to the history and human evolution. On this subject there even show a short film about how modern humans populated the Earth and also offer services in drawing up the picture of your ancestor, for example, from the Neolithic period.

Private joy for lovers of Geology. A huge collection of minerals of various kinds and forms, collected in the Vienna natural history Museum, unique in its kind. It includes the famous gold nugget weighing more than 70 kg.

Once in the room fauna can be confused by the number of presented animals. Only some sparrows about 100 varieties!

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I will appreciate and exposure of meteorites from all over the world, including the famous 300-pound piece of the meteorite “Princess” who fell in Transcarpathia in 1866. But from a meteorite desert of Morocco, you can even buy Souvenirs – stamps with outer coating sold in a special shop in the Museum building.

Among other well-known and the most popular masterpieces in the Museum of natural history will have the opportunity to admire the statue of Venus of Willendorf, which was created by our ancestors back 25 thousand years ago, a dinosaur skeleton, Diplodocus an enormous size, and a lot of completely unique sizes and colors of gemstones.