The NEMO Museum, Amsterdam, Holland

The NEMO Museum, Amsterdam, Holland

The NEMO Museum, Amsterdam, Holland - 1

  • Country: Holland
  • City: Amsterdam
  • Address: Oosterdok 2

Amsterdam is famous for its many attractions, but one of them wins its sudden flow. We are talking about the Museum opposite, which is called NEMO. It was designed by architect Renzo piano, who famously created a new architectural style – high-tech. His project was also built extravagant cultural Centre Pompidou in Paris.

What is the building of the Museum NEMO?

The Museum building, NEMO has become a symbol of Amsterdam. It is made in the form of a ship and consists of four spatial scales. The author deliberately used his signature technique and turned the building inside out. This building is accurate and mirrored projection of the tunnel, only made on earth.

The idea of the Museum – research new supply technologies and it is envisaged it by self and illustrative examples. His main audience is the inquisitive children, who from an early age to join innovation, as well as teenagers interested in the technical development of mankind. In creating the Museum, the calculation was done right, because, when visiting him, the child can participate in the creation of unique discoveries.

The NEMO Museum, Amsterdam, Holland - 2
Forever remain unforgettable feeling of visiting NEMO, as here, failed to realize the effect of human presence from all corners of the room. Where ever you are, no matter what area of the exhibition was not, you see at the same time the effect of people on all four huge levels of the building.

The Museum is extremely interesting, he is detailed and specific examples giving explanations to the children and adults, the interaction between the important parts of the world, and everyone can participate in exciting experiments. The exposition is constructed so that the higher the floor, the older must be the child. In the Museum there is a rule that all exhibits need to touch, to play with them and even collect robots from scrap materials.

The description of the Museum from 1 to 4 floor

The first floor is a spectacular show using giant soap bubbles and not only. Here you are waiting for entertaining games based on the laws of chemistry, psychology, optics, etc. Laughter and smiles cause children who do not want to get out of a huge soap balloons.

The NEMO Museum, Amsterdam, Holland - 3In one of the halls of the NEMO MuseumThe NEMO Museum, Amsterdam, Holland - 4the View from the second floorThe NEMO Museum, Amsterdam, Holland - 5All the bubbles and children
Deserve the attention of great tutorials on magnetic fields. Experiment with hundreds of the small magnetic arrows and a massive magnet leaves no one indifferent. Here are experiments with mirrors, electric discharges, you can see the space exhibit with a real meteorite, the original pre-human, and child in the Museum may be at the time, for example, an architect.

The NEMO Museum, Amsterdam, Holland - 6
If you climb higher, the audience is offered a pavilion, intended to educate teenagers in relationships. He is represented by wooden figures of people and special films.

On the fourth floor of the Museum is the stepped roof. It resembles a real ship deck, which offers wonderful views over the historic city of Amsterdam.