The painting “Among the Waves”, Ivan Aivazovsky, 1898 – overview

The painting “Among the Waves”, Ivan Aivazovsky, 1898 – overview
The painting "Among the Waves", Ivan Aivazovsky, 1898 - overview - 1

  • Posted by Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky
  • Museum: Theodosian Art Gallery
  • Year: 1898

Overview of the painting :

Among the waves is Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky. Oil on canvas. 285 x 429 cm
   The artist, who by that time was eighty-one years old, spent only 10 days creating this large-scale canvas. Looking at the huge picture of stormy sea waters, it’s hard to believe. The canvas was one of the most beloved by the master and was personally bequeathed to them as a gift to his native city – Theodosius.

   An interesting story is associated with the creation of the canvas. Initially, in the center of the picture, among the raging waves, a tiny boat with sailors was depicted who were able to escape from a sinking ship. But one of Ivan Konstantinovich’s relatives, an experienced naval officer, said that such a tiny, duck-fed-headed ship would not have survived the onslaught of such powerful waves and would inevitably drown. The artist was unhappy with this remark, but he always sought the maximum realism and truthfulness of his work. As a result, the very next day the boat disappeared from the canvas – the artist decided to depict only the raging stormy sea as a symbol of the invincible power of the elements.

   To create the canvas, a wide range of delicate and iridescent light colors, as well as saturated, deep tones, was used. The long-term plan in the picture is drowning in thick blue darkness, and in the front – water with lush hats of mother-in-law is poured and seethrowed. Due to the incredibly masterfully selected shades of colors, the water seems transparent and very lively, mobile. This is one of the most accurate and realistic art images of the sea during a storm.

   The artist’s skill was practiced, honed and improved over the years, but at such an age that was so advanced by all standards, his hand did not tremble, and artistic genius allowed one of the most complex earthly elements to be reproduced. If the portrait always believed that the image of the eyes and hands is work for a great creator, then in marinistics it is water in all its forms.