The painting “Granberries of fairy tale”, Maximov – overview of the painting

The painting “Granberries of fairy tale”, Maximov – overview of the painting
The painting "Granberries of fairy tale", Maximov - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Vasily Maksimovich Maximov
  • Museum: Tretyakov Gallery
  • Year: 1867

Overview of the painting :

Grandmother’s tales – Vasily Maksimovich Maximov. Oil on canvas. 92 x 67 cm

   Vasily Maksimovich Maximov comes from a peasant family and as no one understands the difficulties and need, knows the traditions and life of the villagers.

   His work, Grandma’s Tales, is perhaps one of the most famous. The picture is good because in it the author depicted the internal state of the characters rather than any action. But the author with knowledge of the case also described the simple decoration of the room. Above, a cradle for the baby is suspended under the ceiling, linen is dried and there is a bunch of mushrooms or some herbs. The walls are the things necessary for the farm.

   In the evening, in a hut lit by a ray, the whole large peasant family gathered to listen to their favorite tales. For a long day spent in labor and care, such fees with quiet stories or conversations are a vacation for the peasants.

   In the center of the canvas is a grandmother storyteller. Her face is thoughtful, kind and wise is perfectly reflected by the artist. The troubled hands never know peace, and now, in their hands is a spindle that “sings” in unison with a fairy tale told.

   A woman with a child thoughtfully went into her thoughts or heard an extraordinary story. Nearby, a sitting young girl is interested in a plot and she, with her hand up her face, carefully follows the story.

   Men on the left side of the picture are busy with their work, but they don’t, no, put off things, being carried away by a particularly busy moment. But, of course, children are the most grateful and direct listeners. All emotions are written on their ungrant faces.

   Two children sitting opposite their grandmother simply froze from a breathtaking fairy tale and are looking forward to continuing. Behind the back of the storyteller are three more older children. Of course, they are also interested, but they are already more serious and thoughtful.

   What different feelings we see of all the depicted characters, but the plot is united by the idea of the author of the picture – to truthfully show the peasants. He lovingly describes their simple peasant dwelling, their faces meaningful with emotions.

   Yes, they have a lot of work and worries from an early age, but they know how to sincerely get carried away, empathize, relax and enjoy unbold fun.