The painting “March Snow”, Igor Emmanuelovich Grabar – overview

The painting “March Snow”, Igor Emmanuelovich Grabar – overview
The painting "March Snow", Igor Emmanuelovich Grabar - overview - 1

  • Posted by Igor Emmanuelovich Grabar
  • Museum: Tretyakov Gallery
  • Year: 1904

Overview of the painting :

March snow – Igor Emmanuelovich Grabar. Oil on canvas. 80 x 62 cm
   The painting “March Snow” was written by Igor Emmanuelovich Grabar in 1904, in the heyday of his enthusiasm for impressionism. The author himself called himself a terry divisionalist (one of the directions of this technique, associated with small fractional smears that form into a whole, while intangible glare of light seems no less material than the objects depicted).

   In this canvas, the author decided to move away from the traditional aesthetics of the image of trees standing on a forest clearing, around which there is not a single living soul (neither a person or a wild animal) – but hundreds of such landscapes were written to them.

   Here is a genre scene: a village, a warmly dressed girl with a coromyle and, according to tradition, amazingly depicted winter images of nature. In the foreground are long blue shadows from the branches of the tree, shading dirty and white March snow. The girl’s figure is very small, although she attracts attention when she is placed in the center of the composition. On the back of the canvas is a stream freed from ice, and in the distance you can see small elegant houses.

   As the impressionist style requires, only those fragments that seem significant to the author when transmitting color, impression, momentary mood are spelled out in detail. For example, the girl’s faces could not be distinguished at all, and the artist did not try to achieve portrait accuracy at all.

   On the contrary, buckets on the koromysl are depicted in much more detail, and the shadows from the tree in the foreground are transmitted with photographic reliability. It becomes clear that the main character is not at all that stranger who went for water, but the winter nature, and it is her beauty that this canvas is dedicated to.