The painting “Slaughter-Freezer”, Vasnetsov – overview

The painting “Slaughter-Freezer”, Vasnetsov – overview
The painting "Slaughter-Freezer", Vasnetsov - overview - 1

  • Author: Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov
  • Museum: Tretyakov Gallery
  • Year: 1885 – 1893

Overview of the painting :

Glue-scribe Nestor – Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov. 1885 – 1893. Sketch of the Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev. Watercolor.

   The figure of the legendary creator of “Treaties of the Time Years” – the first Russian annals – is shrouded in secret and haze of time. The artist portrayed him as a wise old man in a dark monastic vestments, busy writing his famous annals. He broke away from work for a second, thinking about the text. A gray-bearded old man with a deep eagle look is depicted as a saint, with a halo above his head, against the background of his cell.

   It relies on a massive wooden mashed potatoes decorated with carved details in the Russian style. On it are the attributes of his type of activity – a large pot-bellied inkwell, feathers, a penknife, piggy scrolls. The artist depicts a stylized interior in the ancient Russian style as it seemed to most intelligentsia at this time – curly arched windows, bare plastered walls, tiled floors, massive, rather rough carved furniture.

   Nestor’s clothes are also stylized – there is a cassock on it with recognizable features of ancient Russian Bara robes and a dark cloak with a hood. Thanks to the use of saturated colors and a clearly defined figure with an expressive face, the entire attention of the viewer is focused on the personality of the chronicler. She seems to be a very wise and knowledgeable person, aware of the responsibility before the descendants lying on him.