The painting “Sosnovy Forest”, Shishkin – overview

The painting “Sosnovy Forest”, Shishkin – overview
The painting "Sosnovy Forest", Shishkin - overview - 1

  • Posted by Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin
  • Museum: Museum-Reserve B. D. Polenova
  • Year: 1889

Overview of the painting :

Pine forest – Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin

   In the picture we see a corner of the pine forest filled with summer sun. Sand paths bleached by sunlight indicate that the sea is most likely nearby. The whole picture is filled with pine smell, special coniferous vigor and silence. Nothing violates forest peace in the morning (shadows in the sand indicate that this is morning).

   Apparently, we have one of the summer cottages of St. Petersburg, where so often the artist found stories for his work. Now, walking in the woods on a summer morning, the crossroads of sand paths attracted the attention of the master. Dozens of shades of green color, bluish mosses, a little jerky dazzling sand… This whole palette of natural colors could not leave Shishkin indifferent. Looking at the picture, you begin to recall the pine spirit, the noise of the cool Baltic Sea is heard in the ears. Quiet, warm, aromatic. Summer serenity…

   Like any other work of Shishkin, the picture “Sosnovy Forest” is striking in its reliability, pedantic attitude to the smallest details, the reality of the plot and unreasonable beauty.