The painting “Unconsolidated Grief”, Kram – overview

The painting “Unconsolidated Grief”, Kram – overview
The painting "Unconsolidated Grief", Kram - overview - 1

  • Posted by Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskaya
  • Museum: Tretyakov Gallery
  • Year: 1884

Overview of the painting :

Unsuccessful grief – Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskaya. 1884. Oil on canvas. 228 x 141 cm
   The picture makes a strong impression, due to the fact that the author managed to avoid the image of strong emotions. It is restraint in the manifestation of feelings that makes the atmosphere of work so saturated and sincere.

   Before the viewer, a woman in a mourning dress. Cryed eyes are full of longing and grief. One hand compresses the scarf, wet from tears, the other hangs exhausted along the body.

   Flowers folded into a box woven into a wreath reveal the cause of uncomforting grief. The house has a funeral.

   The heroine is pale, but calm. All tears are cried out, all the tantrums are behind. Her thoughtful look is filled with such humility, a sense of her helplessness before what happened, that the heart of the viewer involuntarily shrinks with sympathy.

   A carpet decorated with flowers, contrasting and, at the same time, in harmony with the burial colors, enhances the atmosphere of sorrow.

   The background of the picture is a regular living room: furniture, paintings on the walls (a sea landscape that carries a symbolic load is clearly visible), a extinguished lamp (symbolically emphasizing the death of a person), a table, books. Light penetrates the half-open door. There is a void behind the door. The light may say that over time the grief will recede, but even so, the feeling of loneliness and devastation will remain with the heroine forever.

   The author uses color contrast, choosing a golden orange for the background to highlight the black color of the dress of a grieving heroine. From this, the impression of inconsolable grief becomes even more sensual and clearer.