The pedagogical Museum in Kyiv – a description of exhibits, Ukraine

The pedagogical Museum in Kyiv – a description of exhibits, Ukraine

  • Country: Ukraine
  • City: Kiev
  • Address: Vladimirskaya street, 57

Stopping in the city of Kiev, street Vladimir, involuntarily stopping the look on one old building, from the beauty of the architecture which freezes the breath. This is a city House of the teacher, where the pedagogical Museum of Ukraine.

About the history of the Museum

In 1898, in St. Petersburg, in the building of the Military Academy was opened pedagogical Museum. In the side left of Kiev school district, which initiated the opening of a similar institution in Ukraine. He lasted a few years. There was held an interesting exhibition on the study of pedagogical science and of the achievements of Kievan Rus. To explore more comprehensive and widely deployed exhibitions, this space is not enough, and the public demanded greater space.

The Museum began to lay in the middle of 1910. Patron was made by the Chairman of the Kiev exchange Committee Simon Mogilevtsev, to allocate 500,000 rubles to the construction of the building of the Museum, and the contractor was known in those days, Kievan L. B. Ginsburg. The project of the building of the Museum was carried out by the architect Pavel Aleshin. With the consent of the authorities, the construction of the future Museum successfully started. To lay the first stone in the Foundation of the Museum was entrusted to Peter Stolypin, the Prime Minister, in the presence of members of the Royal family. Emperor Nicholas II gave the Museum the name of the Tsarevich Alexei. By September 1911 the work on the opening of the Museum building was completed and on 28 September, the opening of the Museum.

Later on, the pedagogical Museum has undergone many changes. In 1917, it housed the Central Rada of Ukraine, in 1921, the Museum acquired the name of Proletarian Museum in 1924 he received another name – the Museum of the Revolution. Then there was the reconstruction of the building to increase the space, it happened in 1937, but at the same time, the facade has tried to keep intact. Again, the Museum changed its name, it became a branch of the Central Museum. V. I. Lenin. The name of the Museum remained unchanged until 1982. It should be noted that during this time many exhibits were destroyed and looted. But time is relentless, and in 1992 the Museum gained its name – the Pedagogical Museum of Ukraine.

About the exhibits of the Museum

Nowadays, the Museum has more than 45,000 exhibits that tell the history of formation and development of pedagogical education of Ukraine. The only drawback is the fact that show at a time – the Museum has to constantly alternate the exposure, as in the possession of the Museum has only two rooms of the existing building (exhibit and exhibition). The repository is located in the basement of the building. But, nevertheless, visitors are introduced to unique collections of ethnic pedagogy of the ancient Slavic peoples, browsing books, tells the Kievan Rus’, studying the teaching methods of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Undoubted interest of visitors cause of the Cossack pedagogy and teaching materials of the IX-XX centuries.