The pharmacy Museum in Kiev, a short description of the exhibits of pharmacy, Ukraine

The pharmacy Museum in Kiev, a short description of the exhibits of pharmacy, Ukraine

  • Country: Ukraine
  • City: Kiev
  • Address: Pritisko-Nikolskaya str., 7

In the city of Kiev, on the street Pritisko-Nikol is one of the most fascinating museums in Ukraine. This Museum is located in the building of the first private pharmacies in the city of Kiev, and is dedicated to the history and development of pharmacy in the territory of Ukraine.

The story of the Museum

The beginning of the Museum was initiated by Peter the great’s decree of 18 February 1715, the essence of which was to create pharmacies in Kiev. Pharmacy has provided Russian troops with medicines, and also provided assistance to the civilian population during various epidemics, including the plague. In addition, the pharmacy conducted the training of military physicians.

At that time in Europe one by one to open private pharmacies. Peter I has decided not to lag behind the European countries, therefore, immediately after the occurrence of pharmacies, everyone who had any health complaints, could come there and get help. In 1728 there was already the first private pharmacy under the control of the German Johann Gatera. In this building, in 1896, the Museum was opened, which continues to exist to this day.

A few words about the exhibits of the Kyiv Museum of pharmacy

It is impossible to remain indifferent considering the exhibits pharmacies, because they any visitor to a Museum entirely immersed in the atmosphere of an old Apothecary’s craft. In particular, every visitor has the chance to touch a piece of history, flipped through the pages of pharmaceutical books written in 1834. The tools that were used to create a variety of drugs, are astonishingly diverse.

Also, in addition to all the pharmaceutical instruments, any visitor can personally take a look how was the treatment of people in different historical periods. On the ground floor of the Museum was made the installation of various appliances “pictures” of the time. So, you can see the monks of the monastery, who were involved in the treatment of the sick with herbs and prayers. Tutzhe it is possible to see the original look of house decoration rustic traditional healers. Medicine of the time was limited to the treatment of herbs, more rarely, to simple operations like abortion or pulling the tooth.

In conclusion it can be noted that all visitors of the Museum there is a phyto-bar where everyone can enjoy a drink, made according to old recipes of the famous chemist von Bunge, who, as rumor has it the people, strengthen the body and spirit, and promote longevity.