The picture “Zima. Katok, K. AND. Somov, 1915

The picture “Zima. Katok, K. AND. Somov, 1915
The picture "Zima. Katok, K. AND. Somov, 1915 - 1

  • Posted by Konstantin Andreevich Somov
  • Museum: Russian Museum
  • Year: 1915

Overview of the painting :

Winter. Katok – Konstantin Andreevich Somov. 1915. Oil on canvas. 49×58
   Konstantin Andreevich Somov (1869-1939) is one of the masters of the art association “World of Art”. In the direction of “retrospective dreamers,” as they called “miriscusants,” he introduced a special shade of painful severity and irony arising from the inability to return the past.

   The picture “Zima. Katok ”became the embodiment of the Somov ideas about the“ Galant century ”. The artist portrayed people as puppet dolls, thereby revealing the essence of the past era – love of games, lack of naturalness, and sometimes genuine life. The perception of the world as a kind of props and the identification of mankind with painted cardboard instead of real people reflect the crisis attitude characteristic of artists of the turn of the XlX-XX centuries.

   Winter evening with blue shadows in the snow, fast-running golden pink clouds, transparent ice smooth – everything gives rise to a feeling of a charming fairy tale. But despite the everyday, cheerful plot of ice skating – a common fun of the 18th century – this small retrospective scene is imbued with a sad mood.