The porcelain Museum, Coalport

The porcelain Museum, Coalport

The porcelain Museum, Coalport - 1

  • Country: England
  • City: Telford
  • Address: Great Hay Drive, Sutton Heights, Telford, Shropshire TF7 4DT

Already at the entrance to the territory of the Museum of porcelain Comportimpresses with its unmatched architecture. Everything here is done traditionally in the Victorian style. The history of this Museum goes back to the 19th century. It was created by John rose on the territory of the once busy factories. The exhibits themselves are located in the workshops and kilns of the same factory.

The state, which preserved kiln and shop are amazing. The impression that they are not more than ten years. Pyatnadcatiletnie conical barrels side by side next to the fragile porcelain pieces. Collection of porcelain cups collected in this Museum demonstrates the evolution of changes in the forms of cups, from the initial of its kind, to have a modern familiar to us.

An interesting fact is that even for people not seeing , hanging special signs describing the exhibits. Allowing even blind people to feel the beauty of porcelain masterpieces. Perhaps after visiting this Museum, it is the blind person will have images of the new porcelain masterpieces of the future.