The Porsche Museum (Porsche) Stuttgart – the address of the Museum

The Porsche Museum (Porsche) Stuttgart – the address of the Museum

  • Country: Germany
  • City: Stuttgart
  • Address: PorschestraBe 1

Cars of Germany is known throughout the world for their excellent quality, and in 1976 in their piggy Bank popularity added Porsche Museum. The production car Porsche has quite a rich history. The car is named for the founder of the group is Ferdinand Porsche. These cars began to be produced in 1948. Now the owner of this company is the son of Ferdinand Porsche ferry, which continues the family tradition.

   The creation of the Porsche Museum was inevitable as this company has such a huge following. As we have noted above, the Museum opened for the first time in 1976. Then the exhibition was much more modest than now, but still there was something to see. It is located in Stuttgart.

The Museum building was small, and by 2004, there was a need to expand the area for the new exhibits. To undertake the extension of the Museum were ready about 170 firms, but the competition was won by a company from Vienna’s Delugan Meissl Associated Architects. For 4 years (2005 to 2009) they finished the job.

   New Porsche Museum was very thoughtful and interesting, to match their cars. The building seemed to be hovering in the air, and it seems easy (like the car – fast and comfortable). Museum area is 56 thousand square meters. The cost of this work is very impressive – about 100 thousand euros.

   Collection of the Porsche Museum has about 500 exhibitsthat are still on the go and participate in rallies and other demonstrations, not only in Germany but also abroad. The main collection is the first car company – a Porsche 356. This model often attracted the attention of visitors.

Museum exhibition is divided into themes, and at the entrance to the Museum you can choose a tour that you like it. Visitors can get acquainted with the history of the group, and with the current models. The Museum also has a special warehouse where all the documents and information about the Porsche. It is special glass. Some of the documents you can even see when you walk into the lobby.

The Museum will not be bored. For foreigners audio guides are provided, which will tell information about a particular car in three languages. Also in the Museum is a coffee shop and an excellent restaurant, so in the Porsche Museum you will not go hungry.