The printing Museum, Russia, St. Petersburg

The printing Museum, Russia, St. Petersburg

  • Country: Russia
  • City: Saint Petersburg
  • Address: Embankment Of The Moika River, 32

   Petersburg printing Museum there since 1984, but back then it was called “Lenin and the newspaper “Pravda”. Only in 1991 the Museum acquired the present name. The Museum is very young, but there’s enough.

The printing Museum is in the house, which housed the editorial office of the newspaper “Rus” and “Rural Bulletin”.

The Museum has a fairly large room, which hosts exhibitions. One of the most popular is the exhibition about the history of printing in St. Petersburg. Exhibition hall a peculiar feature, and a library. Here you will find a variety of books that were published the first printed editions, as well as many other interesting things associated with printed matter.

One of the most popular exhibition in the Museum of printing is an exhibition on how to create a newspaper. Visitors can see the entire process of creating a newspaper from beginning to end. This exhibition occupies a large part of the Museum.

The Museum restores virtually all vintage interiors and work space. Visit the printing Museum, you can see various stationery items, antique furniture of the 20th century, copies of printed materials. You can also find a unique collection of printing equipment, various presses and printing machines.